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Vegas, Red Bull, And The Artistry Of Johnny Fpv

Vegas, Red Bull, and the Artistry of Johnny FPV

When you hear the names “Vegas,” “Red Bull,” “Formula 1,” and “Johnny FPV” in the same sentence, you’re bound to expect a visual spectacle. And this short video does not disappoint. No medium can immerse a viewer into the heart…

Revolutionizing Defense: The Urgent Need To Scale Small Uas Capabilities In The Us Military - Braving The Battlefront With Ukraine'S Drones

Braving the Battlefront with Ukraine’s FPV Drones

Ukraine’s front-line soldiers are reporting a significant increase in kamikaze drones deployed by Russian forces. In response, Ukraine is stepping up its game and producing its own. This advancement is the topic of today’s report by a France 24 team…

Watch The Dji Avata Drone Glide Through The Porsche Museum 2

Watch the DJI Avata Drone Glide Through the Porsche Museum

Take a look at this captivating video on DJI’s official YouTube channel, showcasing the DJI Avata drone effortlessly navigating through the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany. The DJI Avata, a cinewhoop-style drone, is ideally designed for indoor flights and maneuvering…