FPV Drones

Frenchman Takes Fpv Drone Flying Very Literally

Frenchman takes FPV drone flying very literally

What would it be like to be onboard an FPV drone? This French videographer and FPV drone pilot Stéphane Couchoud strapped a brand new DJI Avata to his head and then filmed his aerobatic maneuvers in the air. Very nicely…

Fpv Drone Shows Behind The Scenes Of The View

FPV drone shows behind the scenes of The View

Check out this FPV Drone Video that shows the set of The View studio right before the show starts. No operation was too big for the Emmy Award-winning talk show’s Season 25 celebration, so why not try something that has…

Fpv Drone Video Shows Dji Store In Kyiv, Ukraine

FPV drone video shows DJI store in Kyiv, Ukraine

Check out this first-person view or FPV Drone Video of a DJI shop in Kyiv, which is located in Ukraine. The scenes in the video were filmed before Russian soldiers invaded the nation. The one-shot-like FPV drone video that was…

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