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Mavic Mini 2 specs and release date that we anticipate

Dji Mavic Mini 2 Release Date Is Rumored To Be November 5Th - Dji Mavic Mini 2 Specs And Release Date That We Anticipate

We know DJI has some more products up its sleeve to surprise us with before this year will be over. One of which, we believe, will be a small and very lightweight drone. Not the DJI FPV as it seems to be delayed. Here are the DJI Mavic Mini 2 specs and the release date we anticipate, based on the latest rumors and whispers. Update: The original DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo will be discounted by...

DJI Mavic Mini 2 rumored to have 4K video, 12MP sensor. DJI FPV possibly delayed

Dji Rumors On Ronin Rs2, Mavic 3, Mavic Mini 2, 2X Dji Fpv, Oa2, Op2

A new rumor suggests that the DJI Mavic Mini 2 will indeed have 4K video and a 12MP sensor. In the same tweet, it was also mentioned that the DJI FPV drone might be delayed. Something we already hinted to in this earlier post.
Update: the same specs are confirmed on this Russian website. Hat tip to msinger from the Mavic Pilots Forum.
Update: How does the Mini compare to other DJI drones on specs?