DJI FPV System and FPV drone giveaway by Matti Haapoja

Check out this latest video from Matti Haapoja in which he gives away a full DJI FPV System, including the DJI FPV Goggles, Remote Controller, Air Unit, and an FPV drone. The winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, May 8th, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST.

DJI FPV System and FPV drone giveaway by Matti Haapoja

Have you ever flown ? It is perhaps not the easiest part of drone flying to get into, but arguably it is one of the most exciting ways to fly a drone.

DJI has asked Matti to document his journey into learning how to fly FPV drones. Matti said that is fine, but I want to give one complete FPV bundle away. Here are the rules to participate in the .

Enter the FPV BUNDLE GIVEAWAY by SUBSCRIBING and COMMENT down below with your Instagram handle so we can contact you and what you want to do with the FPV drone. Winner will be chosen randomly chosen on Friday May 8th 2020 at 11:59pm EST. It helps to follow me on Instagram @mattih so I can contact you more easily.

Together with DJI, Matti will giveaway:

Basically everything you need to start flying an FPV drone

Tips from Matti on FPV drone flying:

  • Use a simulator first
  • Start with a 3″ Cinewhoop with prop guards first before you get a 5″ FPV drone
  • Practice in a safe space first
  • Don't worry if you don't know everything about FPV drones
  • Persevere and don't quit because it is really, really fun and worth it.

Matti got his 3″ Cinewhoop, a pre-built drone, from RotorRiot


What do you think about this and FPV drone giveaway? What do you think about FPV drone flying? Is that something you'd want to get into? Let us know in the comments below.

Dji Fpv System And Fpv Drone Giveaway By Matti Haapoja 1

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  1. Instagram @alanaudreymainwaring

    Hello Matti,
    Nice vlog on FPV flying. I have done a couple flights with a M2P and DJI Racing Goggles. Would love to try with a purpose built FPV drone and the whole setup. Besides the cool and fun aspect, I would try some bridge inspection as well. I have a M2Zoom that is nice but has limitations with GPS connections and weight distribution when loaded up with upwards facing GoPro, or Osmopocket and LumeCube. Anyway, would like the compact, propguarded FPV to get up into some tighter spots with less fear of obstacle avoidance (cannot turn off all the M2’s sensors) making drone react on its one. Fun, video, thanks, now have you on my radar. Familiar with your name through other podcasts like the drone radio show, commercial drones fm and askdroneu. Best, Alan

  2. @MXBS13

    Awesome! I tried to start flying FPV with a small cinewhoop like you recommend, and everything was going great. I was in a park near home and I had already used 2 out of 3 batteries, it was a lovely sunny day, and out of nowhere the wind started to blow, and while I was able to maintain control of the drone, the wind kept pushing it far away until the battery died and I lost it 🙁
    It’s been a few months since that, and I haven’t tried FPV again, but I definitely want to try it again.

  3. My Instagram is @JessOrtega15

    I fly a Mavic 2 Pro, it would be interesting to try FPV.

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