The curtain falls for drone trade association UVS International

UVS International

The European trade association for the drone sector UVS International will cease to exist. The organization, which was founded 25 years ago, aimed to stimulate the unmanned aviation sector. However, the organization ran into financial difficulties, partly as a result of the long time it took to arrive at harmonized European regulations, which put pressure on the income from membership dues.


AirMap suggests to tax drone flights and apply take-off and landing fees

AirMap in hot water after suggesting to tax drone flights

AirMap found itself in hot water on Friday afternoon after the company suggested in a series of tweets that governments could create new revenue streams through taxation, take-off, and landing fees for drone flights to support UTM service, such as AirMap(!). As you can imagine, this idea was not well received among the drone enthusiasts and professionals on Twitter and other social media.

Update 1/24/2021: AirMap seems to be in damage control and delete the tweets. You can find a screenshot of them below.