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U.s. Nears Law Banning Chinese-Made Drones Including Dji

U.S. nears law banning Chinese-made drones including DJI – Today turns out to be quite the drone news day, and I don't mean that in a good way, unfortunately. Earlier today a long-established aviation news publication reported that the is nearing legislation that would ban all Chinese-made drones, including DJI drones.
Air Force One With Trump On Board Had Near-Miss With Drone

Air Force One with Trump on board had near-miss with drone – Sunday evening as president Trump was flying back to , D.C.from the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., the C-32A Air Force One had a near-miss with a drone, witnesses say.
Dji Makes Sweeping Cuts In 'Long March' Reforms

DJI makes sweeping cuts in ‘Long March' reforms – This morning, a lengthy article appeared about the sweeping cuts in the ‘Long March' reforms that are taking place within the organization of Chinese dronemaker DJI. About 20 former and current DJI employees were interviewed. The article provides us yet another look behind the curtain of DJI.

Dji Responds To Sweeping Cuts In 'Long March' Reforms Article

DJI responds to sweeping cuts in ‘Long March' reforms article – DJI just issued an official response to the Reuters article that reported on the sweeping cuts as part of the ‘Long March' reforms that are taking place within the global DJI organization. See below.

Police Thermal-Imaging Drone Reveals More Than 300 Illegal Ravers

Police thermal-imaging drone reveals more than 300 illegal ravers in Birmingham, UK – In the , a thermal-imaging drone reveals more than 300 illegal ravers, flouting COVID-19 restrictions in Birmingham. Thermal images from a show more than 300 revelers, flouting COVID-19 restrictions by organizing raves for the second weekend in a row in Birmingham. The illegal rave parties are taking place as the number of cases in Birmingham has gone up from 13.8 to 28.1 per 100,000 people.

Drone Flying Park Approved In Buena Vista, Colorado

Drone flying park approved in Buena Vista, Colorado – In the town of Buena Vista, a special drone flying park was approved unanimously, last Tuesday. The park will be divided into four zones based on the activity and was proposed by the Central Colorado UAS Club.

As We Have Said Before, The New Dji Mavic 3 Is Likely To Arrive In Two Versions. A 'Regular' Mavic 3 As Well As A Larger Mavic 3 Pro. The Pro Version Will Not Only Replace The Phantom 4 Pro, But Is Also Likely To Replace The Dji Inspire 2. Dji Mavic 3 Pro To Replace Phantom 4 Pro And Likely Also Inspire 2 Drone Dji Was Expected To Launch The Dji Mavic 3 Drone This Summer, But It Seems That Dji Has Changed Course And Because Of The Turbulent Political Times Will Now Wait To Introduce This Drone Until At Least January 2021.  The New Mavic 3 Is Expected To Arrive In Two Versions, A Regular And A Dji Mavic 3 Pro. Both Versions Will Make The Phantom 4 Pro Obsolete, But The Dji Mavic 3 Pro Is Even Expected To Replace The Dji Inspire 2. The Dji Inspire 2 Is A Platform That Did Very Well For Dji And One That They Are Proud Of, According To An Anonymous Company Insider. However, The Camera Options For The Inspire 2 Are Showing Their Age And The Dji'S Dual-Band Lightbridge Technology Can'T Hold A Candle To The Company'S Latest Tech Seen In The Dji Mavic Air 2. It Is Been Rumored That The New Dji Mavic 3 Pro Will Have Interchangeable Lenses And That The Chinese Drone Maker Might Even Be Working On A Stabilized Zoom Lens Option. We Think That If These Rumors Become Reality, The Mavic 3 Pro Will Mean The End Of The Inspire 2 Series. The Phantom 4 Pro Production Will Be Stopped At That Point As Well, And Dji Might Only Opt To Keep Producing The Phantom 4 Rtk And Phantom 4 Multispectral For Commercial And Enterprise Customers. This Week, We Have Been Informed That The Dji Inspire 2 Has Reached Its End-Of-Life According To Unofficial Information From One Of Our Long-Term And Trustworthy Source. Dji Inspire 2 Has Reached Its End-Of-Life According To Unofficial Information The Dji Inspire 2 Has Been Very Successful For Dji, But As With All Good Things, They Come To An End.

DJI Mavic 3 Pro to replace Phantom 4 Pro and likely also Inspire 2 drone – As we have said before, the new is likely to arrive in two versions. A ‘regular' Mavic 3 as well as a larger Mavic 3 Pro. The Pro version will not only replace the Phantom 4 Pro but is also likely to replace the aging .

Drone Delivery Canada Delivers Pandemic Supplies To Ontario First Nation

Drone Delivery Canada delivers pandemic supplies to Ontario First Nation – Drone Delivery delivers pandemic supplies to Ontario First Nation by unmanned aircraft to ensure contact-free shipments of protective equipment and testing supplies.

Wedding Drone Photographers In Mauritius Help Coordinate Oil Spill Clean Up

Wedding drone photographers in Mauritius help coordinate oil spill clean up – The island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is a very popular destination of exotic weddings and honeymoons. And as the drone market matured a group of drone operators developed offering their aerial photography services to document the parties. Now, these wedding drone photographers are helping to coordinate the massive, volunteer-driven oil spill clean up on this paradise island.

Nottinghamshire Police's Drones Unit Uses Dji Matrice To Find Missing Boy

Nottinghamshire Police's Drone Unit uses DJI Matrice to find missing boy – A DJI Matrice drone was used by the Nottinghamshire Police's Drone Unit to find a missing 10-year-old boy, who fled his home after a family argument. The boy had left his house in Mansfield in the UK without any shoes on the police said.

Football-Sized Drone, Throwbot Used By U.s. Air Force For Base Security

Football-sized drone, the Throwbot used by U.S. Air Force to assist base security – According to the press release, the 96th Security Forces Squadron is already equipped with a football-sized drone, called the Throwbot, to assist base security. This unmanned device is a throwable microbot that can record and transmit audio and video to an operator's control unit. The Throwbot can be used in indoor and outdoor situations.

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