Mini 2 first impressions flying the 249-grams DJI drone

Here are my Mini 2 first impressions. We finally had some nice weather (no wind or rain) in yesterday and today, so I was able to fly DJI's latest drone and share my first impressions on the Mini 2 with you.

Mini 2 first impressions flying the 249-grams DJI drone

Let me get straight to the point here, I think DJI hit it out of the ballpark with the DJI Mini 2. I was already a fan of their original Mavic Mini, but whatever shortcomings that little drone might have had are resolved in its successor.

Yesterday and today I had the chance to fly the and I'll share with you why I think this little drone is a winner.

First of all, this drone is lightweight, folds, and packs very small. And, you know what they say, the best drone is the one you have with you. Well, in the case of the DJI Mini 2 you really have no excuse for not taking this little guy with you wherever you go. It will fit in your backpack without any trouble. Heck, you can even put it in the pocket of your jacket!

However, there are very few concessions you will have to make for a drone this small. The Mini 2 has all the options you would need in an everyday drone. I'll share with you with is most important to me and what my Mini 2 first impressions have been like.

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone

The DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo includes three batteries, a charger, a shoulder bag, the Mini 2, the remote controller, additional props, and more.

OcuSync 2.0!

To me, the most important feature is DJI's OcuSync 2.0 transmission system. Ocusync 2.0 will give you a range (6 miles), but more importantly, it will give you peace of mind. You can fly this drone and position it pretty much anywhere without having to worry about losing the connection and therefore control of your drone. I will show you in a video shortly what you can do with the Mini 2.

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone

The new Mini 2 includes a strap that packs away the drone nicely so that no props get stuck in your bag. smart!

The Mini 2 is the ideal travel drone

Secondly, the DJI Mini 2 is the ideal travel drone! Because of its lightweight, i.e. less than 250 grams, you don't have to register this little drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as long as you fly it recreationally. However in other , such as , the UK, and the rest of (as of 1/1/2021) you can almost fly this newest DJI drone without any restrictions. I said, almost. Be sure to check local regulations. But, if there ever was an ideal travel drone, the DJI Mini 2 is it.

Since most of what I photograph and video record ends up online anyway 12MP still photography and 4K video at 30 fps and 100Mbps are more than enough. Most people consume media on their smartphones anyway. So, I'm totally fine with these specs. The only time, you may want to use something else is during low-light situations. In that case, a Mavic 2 Pro would be much better. Or a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0.

The fact that the Mini 2 shoots RAW and triple shot auto-exposure bracketing is great for situations with a large dynamic range. This way you simply take three photos with various exposure settings that you can then merge into an HDR photo.

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone 1

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone

The DJI Mini 2 features the same remote controller as we have seen with the . Great connection and range with OcuSync 2.0!

31-minute flight time

I do love the 31-minute flight time I get out of one single battery. Especially since I have the Fly More Combo with three batteries. more than one-and-a-half-hour worth of drone flying in one small bag. Simply awesome!

The fact that DJI upgraded the motors on the Mini 2 is a welcome surprise as well. the drone is more agile and somehow a lot quieter than the original DJI Mavic Mini.

The improvements to this latest DJI drone added some weight to this little drone, but luckily DJI was able to offset that by using less heavy batteries without compromising the flight time. Great job, DJI!

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone

The DJI Mini 2 now has a 4K camera that shoots 30 frames per second at 100Mbps!

This drone is easy to fly

Of course, the Mini 2 offers you the easy flight modes and QuickShots to effortlessly take great photos. If you have ever flown a DJI drone you will right at home!

Do I recommend buying one? Yes, I do. If you are thinking of getting into drone flying then I couldn't think of a better DJI drone to get started with But, even if you are an experienced drone pilot, the Mini 2 would be a great addition to your arsenal. Compared to some of DJI's larger drones, the Mini 2 will be the one you throw in your backpack, guaranteed!

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone 2

From the outside, it is hard to tell what is different in the Mini 2 compared to the original Mavic Mini. However, the improvements are significant!

The prop design and stronger motors

The propellers on the Mini 2 seem to be very similar to the original DJI Mavic Mini props. I don't think it is the design of the props that make the Mini 2 so much quieter. Instead, it seems to have more to do with the new and more powerful motors. The props with the grey/silver stripes are from the original Mavic Mini.

Right away, when comparing the original and the new Mini 2 you will notice that the successor is more alert and agile. The stronger motors give you more confidence to position this little guy where ever you want to.

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone 3

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone 4

Quickshots on the DJI Mini 2

DJI makes it easy to create wide-angle photos, panoramas, and smooth cinematic video shots such as the Boomerang, Helic, Dronie, and more. The photo below is a wide-angle shot consisting of nine photos stitched within the .

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone

Price and availability of the DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2 is available for purchase today from and from authorized retail partners. DJI Mini can be purchased in two options. The standard package includes DJI Mini 2, remote controller and one battery for the retail price of $449. The Fly More Combo is also available, which includes three batteries, charging hub, DJI Mini 2, a carrying case and remote controller for the retail price of $599. Additional info here:

What do you think of my Mini 2 first impressions? Let me know in the comments below. The next article will cover low-light performance on the DJI Mini 2.

Mini 2 First Impressions Flying The 249-Grams Dji Drone 5

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