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Aquiline Drones launches manufacturing downtown Hartford, CT

Aquiline Drones launches manufacturing downtown Hartford, CT

Start-up Aquiline Drones has started manufacturing activities in downtown Hartford, Connecticut. The company has increased its workforce substantially to manufacture two types of drones.

Aquiline Drones launches manufacturing downtown Hartford, CT

Founded in 2019 by commercial pilot Barry Alexander, Aquiline Drones recently hired 25 technicians to help in the manufacturing process of two different types of drones as well as a smart camera. The drone start-up plans to hire an additional 25 people in the coming weeks up from 15 employees in the previous year.

Aquiline Drones aims to become one of the Blue sUAS manufacturers.

“Growing data security concerns over foreign-manufactured technology, mainly from China, has created an immediate need for increased drone production capacity in the United States,” said Alexander, who is chairman and CEO. “Our goal is to not only position our country as a leader in the multi-billion-dollar global drone industry, but also, to reestablish America’s manufacturing dominance. This is in perfect harmony with our company’s powerful strategic vision of making Connecticut the drone capital of the nation.”

Aquiline Drones’ manufacturing operation, which takes up about half of the company’s 15,000 square feet, is based on the 16th and 17th floors in the Stark Building in Hartford, CT.

Aquiline Drones launches manufacturing downtown Hartford, CT

The company had originally planned to open a separate manufacturing facility but Alexander decided that it would make more sense to keep all the activities in the same building.

“To quickly scale our commercial drone production capacity, our team decided to consolidate all manufacturing operations at our downtown Hartford headquarters to avoid the logistical challenges of managing a separate facility,” he said, according to HBJ.

Aquiline is producing and selling the Altura Zenith and Hercules 2 drones, rebranded as the Spartacus Macks and Spartacus Hurricane, respectively, from the French UAS maker Drone Volt. The Pensar smart camera from Drone Volt will also be assembled by Aquiline Drones.

Aquiline is responsible for investments, operating costs, and the production of unmanned aircraft. The company will also pay a 10% fee over the gross proceeds from all the sales in the United States. The details of this deal were disclosed in regulatory filings.

As part of the same agreement, Drone Volt will also be able to use up to 25% of Aquiline Drones’ production capacity.

Late last year, Aquiline and Drone Volt conducted an equity swap that provides roughly 10% of each company to the other.

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