Recon drone locates Russian BUK system, Ukrainian artillery destroys it instantly

A video shared on Twitter shows how drones are an important part of modern warfare. A recon drone locates a Russian BUK missile system, passes the coordinates on to the Ukrainian artillery which destroys it soon after.

The recon drone was seen by the invading Russian forces as you can see the unmanned aircraft being shot at. In the video around 44 and 51 seconds in you can see the tracers.

After launching the missile, the Russians quickly moved the BUK missile system. However, it was already too late and the Ukrainian forces successfully destroyed the BUK system and other vehicles.

Reportedly the Russian BUK system was found by the Ukrainian UAV Leleka-100, which was specially created for reconnaissance and targeting artillery.

The killer drones or Switchblade drones that were promised to Ukraine by President Biden earlier this week would likely have been helpful in taking out the BUK system.

Recon drone shot at

These photos below show the Ukrainian UAV Leleka-100 recon drone that reportedly spotted the BUK missile launch.

Ukrainian Uav Leleka-100 Recon Drone
Ukrainian Uav Leleka-100 Recon Drone
Recon Drone Locates Russian Buk System, Ukrainian Artillery Destroys It Instantly 1

The BUK missile system was positioned in Novyi Bykiv, Tsjernihiv.


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