Philip Bloom: adjustable speed Cine Mode to return to DJI drones

Philip Bloom announced that the missing feature on many recent drones, also known as Tripod Mode will come back in the form of an adjustable speed Cine Mode!

Petition to bring back Tripod Mode

Filmmaker and drone pilot, Philip Bloom recently started a petition to persuade DJI to bring back the missing Tripod mode on its most recent drones.

The latest DJI drones, including the DJI Mavic 3, and the Pro, but also the , 2, and all lacked the Tripod Mode.

Tripod Mode allows you to fly the DJI drone at very low speeds of 1 meter per second to create beautifully smooth, cinematic drone footage.

When using the Tripod Mode, the drone would not only fly slower but the aircraft would also be less sensitive to stick inputs from the operator. This feature provided additional confidence for pilots to fly their DJI drones closer to obstacles as they were less afraid of crashing the aircraft.

Philip Bloom: Adjustable Speed Cine Mode To Return To Dji Drones
A slow-flying drone gives drone pilots the confidence to fly closer to obstacles without the fear of crashing. Tripod Mode was perfect for this. A Cine Mode option with an adjustable speed setting would make shots like this one a much safer endeavor. Photo courtesy of Philip Bloom.

Cine Mode was not the same as the good old Tripod Mode

Unfortunately, all the modern DJI drones that use the lost the Tripod Mode and got a Cine Mode instead. The Cine Mode slows the drone down to 5 meters per second, which while slow is not nearly as slow as the original Tripod Mode. Many drone pilots have been asking DJI to bring the Tripod Mode back.

“When you released the Mavic Air 2 in 2020, you replaced it with Cine mode. I thought it was just a rebrand which made sense as tripods do not move but I was very saddened and shocked to see the wonderful super slow top speed of 1m/s Tripod was gone and replaced with this new 5m/s Cine mode,” Philip Bloom explained. “The sticks were also much more sensitive in this mode.”

“Not only did I and countless others rely on this mode to create beautiful cinematic movements like dolly and crane shots, but Tripod Mode also gave me and so many others the confidence to do shots we would never normally attempt as they were too close to objects and even people under our control; having such a slow mode made these shots possible,” he elaborates.

Online petition to bring back Tripod Mode is a success!

In an update to the petition, Philip tells us that he has received great news from the drone maker.

I’ve just heard that DJI has accepted my petition’s request and will be adding an adjustable speed Cine mode via firmware.

They haven’t given an exact date and they haven’t said if it will be across all drones using the fly app but I will of course insist that it’s important it works across every drone!

Once I get more details I will update them here.

Thanks to everyone who signed this petition, couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂

Adjustable speed Cine Mode might be better than Tripod Mode

This is indeed great news. An adjustable speed Cine Mode for the modern DJI drones will enable drone pilots around the world to fly safer and create smooth, cinematic aerial footage. Now, we just need to hear from DJI when we can expect this feature to be implemented.

We are very excited about this. How about you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Philip Bloom’s excellent drone reviews

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Philip Bloom: Adjustable Speed Cine Mode To Return To Dji Drones 1

Photos courtesy of Philip Bloom.

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