New SkyeBrowse Hyper drone app helps capture 3D accident scenes in minutes

The American software company SkyeBrowse has developed a new tool that enables to capture an accident scene in 3D within minutes. The tool called Hyper first makes a drone fly autonomously above the location, after which it generates an accurate 3D reconstruction based on videogrammetry.

The importance of 3D reconstructions

Making 3D reconstructions based on drone recordings is an important application for, among others, researchers of traffic accidents. Such a 3D model can also be very valuable for the later analysis of a crime scene by the criminal investigation department. All sorts of measurements can be made in the model, and a scene can be viewed from all sides afterward. Another advantage is that a digital 3D reconstruction can easily be shared with remote team members.

But often, making a 3D model based on drone recordings is a time-consuming process: first, a waypoint mission has to be created on-site, after which the flight is performed, and finally, a 3D model can be made based on photogrammetry. All in all, a lot of manual work and the generation of the 3D model can sometimes take a long time because it is a computationally intensive process.

SkyeBrowse Hyper is hyper-fast

SkyeBrowse takes a different approach with Hyper. First, the drone is automatically controlled by the app. The user marks the area of interest, and the app automatically generates the flight plan. After a final check on the correct flight altitude by the user, the drone will automatically perform the mission at the push of a button.

During the flight, the app collects video images instead of photos. The advantage of this is that much more data is collected for the 3D model. Afterward, the recordings are immediately processed in a cloud application. Within a few minutes, a 3D model is available, which can be easily shared with remote team members. According to SkyeBrowse, each model is accurate to the centimeter.

“We developed Hyper for teams that need the highest quality 3D models with so much model detail,” said SkyeBrowse co-founder and CEO Bobby Ouyang. “Certain teams require CSI, OIS, and accident reconstruction to be accurately documented as soon as possible. Hyper is another step towards making faster and more detailed 3D model reconstruction available.”

New Skybrowse Hyper Drone App Helps Capture 3D Accident Scenes In Minutes


According to SkyeBrowse, the tool can be used in conjunction with a whole range of drones, ranging from the Autel Evo I, Evo II Pro/8K/Dual/640T, and all drones from DJI, except the smaller models (Mavic Mini, Mini 2, Mavic Air, Mavic Air 2 and Spark). The M2EA and M300 are also not supported. If the drone has obstacle detection, that feature can be used during an automatically performed flight.

The new tool is available immediately. Data is processed on servers in the US. A license for Hyper costs $2,999 per person per year.

Not too long ago, we interviewed Bobby Ouyang on our . You can check out that conversation below.

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