BRINC Unveils Next-Gen LEMUR 2 Drone with LIDAR and Autonomy

BRINC, a US-based technology developer and manufacturer that provides services to public safety, announced the launch of its latest drone, the LEMUR 2.

The drone is explicitly designed to enable law enforcement and public safety professionals to assess and de-escalate conflicts in areas that are too dangerous for individuals.

's mission is to design and deliver products that address the major challenges in American public safety and to save lives. The LEMUR 2 is an advanced version of its predecessor, the LEMUR, and introduces novel features such as the BRINC Autonomy Engine, a proprietary onboard sensor that creates a 3D map of its surroundings, providing a suite of capabilities.

LEMUR 2 Drone features advanced sensors

The LEMUR 2 also includes a first-of-its-kind sensor array that combines ten unique systems for supporting its autonomy systems, visual/night/thermal imaging and two-way communications.

Brinc Unveils Next-Gen Lemur 2 Drone With Lidar And Autonomy

The drone's autonomy system simplifies its operation, providing complete control to the operator for tactical maneuvers. It also provides an easy-to-interpret, 2D floor plan in real-time, informing law enforcement and emergency services personnel.

Brinc Unveils Next-Gen Lemur 2 Drone With Lidar And Autonomy

Alongside the autonomy system, the drone includes a powerful sensor array, which includes a LiDAR sensor, a tracking camera, two IR spotlights, a white light , a 4K camera, a FLIR thermal imager, a microphone, and a loudspeaker.

The LEMUR 2 is National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant and approved by the US government for its products to be used by federal agencies and contractors.

The drone is also mesh network compatible, allowing for multiple drones to extend each other's range in large buildings or underground. With an integrated 4G LTE-powered connection, LEMUR 2 drones can securely stream a live camera view, and 2D floor plans to stakeholders off-site through the new BRINC LiveOps web platform.

Blake Resnick, CEO of BRINC, commented, “Each drone deployed to a dangerous situation is one less individual in harm's way, and a potential life saved. The LEMUR 2 is the next era of first response technology that will undoubtedly make law enforcement and emergency services in our country more efficient and safer for all involved.”

Brinc Unveils Next-Gen Lemur 2 Drone With Lidar And Autonomy

BRINC is vertically integrated, controlling its supply chain, and manufactures all of its products in the US. The company is investing in developing a network of docked drone systems to respond to 911 calls quickly and effectively, providing a de-escalation-first approach to public safety. BRINC has co-located R&D and production at its Seattle headquarters.

Brinc Unveils Next-Gen Lemur 2 Drone With Lidar And Autonomy

Resnick continued, “Throughout our journey, we have worked with past and present law enforcement and emergency services professionals to understand their unique challenges and enhance their ability to do difficult jobs safely with best-in-class technology. We look forward to building upon our success and continually pushing the boundaries of what BRINC can offer to benefit public safety.”

BRINC's suite of products can be found on its website, and test flights of the LEMUR 2 can also be scheduled.

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