DJI RC Firmware Problem Fixed – NEW DJI RC Firmware and DJI Fly v1.9.9

Good day, folks! Shawn here from Air Photography. It seems like only yesterday that I uploaded a firmware update video – in fact, it was just only yesterday. But since then, there have been some new developments, and I thought I'd make an updated video to review them.

DJI RC Firmware Problem Fixed Video

So, just a quick 20-second recap: Yesterday, DJI uploaded a firmware update that added some new features to the DJI Mini 3 Pro, basically some Gain and Expo settings that allowed us to slow down the drone when in Cine mode, Sport mode, or Normal mode, essentially mimicking Tripod mode. It's been a long-awaited feature. They added it to the last year just before Christmas, but it hadn't made its way to the Pro yet. Now it's here, and it's a really valuable tool. Many people, including myself, are very glad that it's finally available.

Dji Rc Firmware Problem Fixed - New Dji Rc Firmware And Dji Fly V1.9.9

They also added a new tool that allowed you to clear your user data from the drone, which is good if you're going to be selling it. You can make sure that everything is wiped off, and that way, your information doesn't end up in somebody else's hands.

Dji Rc Firmware Problem Fixed - New Dji Rc Firmware And Dji Fly V1.9.9

But, right away after that update, forums and Facebook groups were buzzing with questions and problems. Most notably, a lot of people pointed out that those features did not exist for them. They updated the firmware, and they had the correct firmware version, but their version was still at 1.9.4 – it didn't update to the new 1.9.8.

It turned out that DJI pulled the Fly App component, so when you updated the firmware, it didn't update the Fly App, so you didn't have access to those new features. If we take a look at this screenshot, this was sent over to me from Philly Drone Life.

Dji Rc Firmware Problem Fixed - New Dji Rc Firmware And Dji Fly V1.9.9 1

Mikey from Philly Drone Life updated his firmware yesterday, and you can see that he went to the 0500. But the Fly App didn't update at all, and he had no access to the new features. And this was across the board for many people. If you didn't get the app quick enough or the update quick enough, I should say, you didn't get the updated Fly App.

However, today they've rectified the situation. They've released a brand new for the DJI RC Pro, not for the aircraft itself, but just for the RC Pro.

You can see it now takes the DJI RC V01.02.0600. And with the update for the controller, they actually introduced a new Fly App, a brand new one again, and it is now 1.9.9. So, if you were having trouble yesterday, make sure you go in today and download it again. You shouldn't have any problems now.

Dji Rc Firmware Problem Fixed - New Dji Rc Firmware And Dji Fly V1.9.9 2

Another quick update from yesterday's video is about the RC Pro. As of yesterday, when I made that video, there was no update for the DJI Fly App for it. So if you were going to be flying the DJI Mini 3 Pro with the RC Pro, you didn't have access to those new Gain and Expo settings to adjust the speed. And you didn't have the tool to clear all user data.

Dji Rc Firmware Problem Fixed - New Dji Rc Firmware And Dji Fly V1.9.9 3

But as of today, there was an app update for the DJI RC Pro. It's just an app update, so it's not a whole firmware update for the controller. And if we go here and take a look at the settings, you can see that the app version has now been updated to 1.9.9 as well. If we scroll down to the bottom, you can see we have access to those new tools for clearing user data.

And if we go over to our Gain and Expo tuning, you can see we have all the new speed tools to adjust the speed to our own tastes and needs. So, that's just a quick update on the new firmware that was released. I highly recommend that you update to the latest version if you did get it yesterday. Everything might look okay, but it's definitely important to get the latest firmware.

Dji Rc Firmware Problem Fixed - New Dji Rc Firmware And Dji Fly V1.9.9 4

I'm heading out today to do another test. I'm going to do a flight with the DJI Mini 3 Pro with both controllers just to see if I find any bugs that jump out right away at me.

Sometimes, these bugs are hard to determine; you know, they're very specific. I just like to go out and make sure that everything is generally functioning the way it should.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this video. Give it a thumbs up if you did; it's always greatly appreciated. And we'll see you in the next one.

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