NEW DJI Mavic 3 Pro Leaks – Coming Soon?

Good day, folks! Shawn here from . So here we go again – as you can see, we've got new leaks of a potential upcoming product from DJI, the Pro. These were leaked overnight from the regular leakers, and I must say, all credit goes to them. People like @DealsDrone and @OsitaLV are the ones who bring these images and information to us, so definitely head over to Twitter and follow them if you're into this kind of information.

DJI Mavic 3 Pro

This release was kind of surprising to me. I figured at some point, we would see a Mavic 3 Pro, and I think I stated that in my initial review last year. It just seemed odd that DJI released the Mavic 3 and not a Mavic 3 Pro. You know, we had the Mavic Pro, the Mavic 2 Pro, and then they just dropped the Pro title and called it the Mavic 3. My thoughts at the time were that, at some point, they would release a Mavic 3 Pro, and we're kind of seeing that now. We got the DJI Mavic 3 Classic last year, we have the DJI Mavic 3, and now we're going to get a Pro model.

Some of these images are quite interesting. The first thing that stands out is that we already have a box, so that must mean this is not too far down the road. We could even see this later this month or perhaps next month. Usually, when it gets to that stage, we're definitely not too far off. There haven't been any FCC filings yet, but that could happen any time.

Now, there's not really a lot of information; there wasn't any information about when it's coming or what kind of specs it will have. The only thing we can see here is that it now has three cameras built into it.

So, I'm assuming we're going to have the regular camera, the telephoto camera, and as for what this new camera is, I'm not sure. Perhaps it could be an ultra-wide camera, but really, it's just a guess at this point.

New Dji Mavic 3 Pro Leaks - Coming Soon?

You can see on the arm here it says “Mavic 3 Pro,” so it is going to be really interesting. Here's a side shot of it – take a closer look at that camera. And yeah, I'm really curious about what that extra camera is going to bring.

Now, given that it is going to have the Pro title, are they going to add some other Pro features to it? Who knows, none of that information is available. I'm only assuming that usually, when they release an upgrade like this, there's more than just one upgrade. So maybe they've made improvements to the main camera as well, and it'll be really interesting to see what they add.

I'm really curious about your thoughts on a DJI Mavic 3 Pro. Is it something you're going to be interested in. And what other features do you think they would add to it to make it Pro and make people perhaps want to upgrade?

Little nervous about the DJI Mavic 3 Pro price

Personally, I'm a little nervous about the price tag because the regular DJI Mavic 3 is quite expensive. So, if they're releasing one as a Pro model with another camera in it, you know it's not going to be very affordable.

Now, just before I go, I want to mention again that this is all rumor-based, none of this is based on any facts. So, don't make any purchases based on these types of rumors. This thing could be released next week, or it may not be released until Christmas this year – like, nobody really knows. So, don't make any purchasing decisions based on rumors.

Well, folks, I'd love to hear from you down in the comments. Let me know what you think. Thanks a lot for watching, and we'll see you in the next one.

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