ROCK Robotic Announces New R3 and R3PRO Survey-Grade LiDAR Systems

ROCK Robotic, a Denver-based and surveying technology company, has unveiled its latest 3D mapping solutions, the R3 and R3 PRO systems, designed for land surveyors and commercial mapping professionals. These cutting-edge systems offer advanced hardware components in a lightweight, integrated point cloud collection tool, providing users with a user-friendly, end-to-end LiDAR solution.

R3 and R3PRO Survey-Grade LiDAR Systems video

The ROCK 3 PRO, the company's third-generation LiDAR system, is designed to capture highly accurate 3D LiDAR and photogrammetry data. The R3 system incorporates cutting-edge technology, such as a geodetic-grade GNSS receiver and tactical-grade IMU. The R3 PRO model comes with a Hesai Pandar XT32 sensor, while the more affordable R3 model is equipped with a Hesai Pandar XT16 sensor.

Both systems offer seamless integration with the DJI M300 via a Skyport connection for both power and data communication. Mission planning is done right from the with ROCK Pilot app. Features include a detachable 26MP camera for high-resolution RGB image capture, and at just 1.26 kg (2.77 lbs), the R3 is lighter than its predecessor, the ROCK 360, which weighs 1.70 kg (3.74 lbs). The R3 also offers optional advanced SLAM capabilities for mapping on the ground or in areas with weak GNSS signals.

Rock Robotic, A Denver-Based Lidar Drone Mapping And Surveying Technology Company, Has Unveiled Its Latest 3D Mapping Solutions, The R3 And R3 Pro Systems, Designed For Land Surveyors And Commercial Mapping Professionals.

The integration of ROCK Robotic's software suite streamlines data processing and analysis, making it easier for users to generate actionable insights from their LiDAR data.

ROCK Robotic's complementary technology includes the recently released ROCK Desktop software, which simplifies data management and visualization. The software allows users to import, view, and manage their LiDAR point clouds, as well as generate high-quality orthomosaics and digital elevation models. The ROCK Cloud post-processing software further enhances the workflow by providing powerful cloud-based tools for point cloud classification, feature extraction, and data sharing.

ROCK Robotic CEO Harrison Knoll believes the R3 PRO is a significant improvement over previous models, offering better accuracy, SLAM, camera quality, and a lighter payload. He expects the system to not only satisfy existing customers but also attract new clients seeking excellent hardware, software, and support.

The R3 LiDAR system is part of ROCK Robotic's comprehensive LiDAR strategy, which aims to streamline the workflow for surveyors and mapping professionals. Knoll emphasized the simplicity of the process from drone flights to client deliverables.

We want surveyors and mapping professionals to have the simplest workflow while getting the best results and deliverables. From the time you're out in the field flying your drone to when you send deliverables to your client, ROCK makes it as easy as possible to make it happen.
Harrison Knoll, ROCK Robotic CEO

The seamless integration of hardware and software solutions offered by ROCK Robotic allows drone pilots, even those with limited LiDAR experience, to take advantage of this advanced technology. With the R3 and R3 PRO systems, drone operators can access high-quality data collection tools and an easy-to-use software suite that simplifies data processing, enabling them to focus on delivering top-notch results to their clients.

ROCK Robotic's R3 and R3 PRO LiDAR systems bring a powerful combination of lightweight design, advanced sensors, and SLAM capabilities to the 3D mapping industry. These systems, alongside the company's complementary software solutions, make it easier for drone pilots and drone mapping professionals to adopt LiDAR technology and generate valuable insights from their data. As the industry continues to evolve, ROCK Robotic is well-positioned as a major player in the LiDAR arena, offering user-friendly, end-to-end solutions that meet the needs of both experienced and novice drone operators.

For more information on the ROCK R3 and R3 PRO systems, and to explore how ROCK Robotic's comprehensive LiDAR solutions can benefit your drone operations, visit

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