2023 Drone Photo Awards – Mastery in Flight

The 2023 Drone Photo Awards have declared their top-rated and applauded photos. As an integral part of the Siena Awards Festival, this global contest celebrates the art of aerial photography. Selected images will grace the exhibition, “Above Us Only Sky”, at Siena's historic San Galgano Abbey. The festival's curtain rises on 28th September, drawing to a close on 19th November.

Do visit the 2023 Drone Photo Awards website for a plethora of additional images that we couldn't showcase here but are certainly worth your attention.

Must Resist By Or Adar. Seen From Above, Protesters Wave Banners In A Rally Against The Court Restructuring Proposals Of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, In Tel Aviv. For The Ninth Consecutive Week, On Saturday, March 4Th, Massive Crowds Gathered In Cities Across Israel To Voice Their Opposition To The Government's Proposed Judicial Reforms.
Must resist by Or Adar. Seen from above, protesters wave banners in a rally against the court restructuring proposals of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in Tel Aviv. For the ninth consecutive week, on Saturday, March 4th, massive crowds gathered in cities across to voice their opposition to the government's proposed judicial reforms.
Tucked Away Deep In Southern Poland, A Playground Brimming With Delight Unveils Its Allure At The Initial Burst Of Sunlight From Above.
Playground by Sebastian Piórek. Tucked away deep in Southern , a playground brimming with delight unveils its allure at the initial burst of sunlight from above.
On The Thin Ice By Florian Ledoux. A Colossal Male Polar Bear Strides On The Fragile Ice Of Late Spring In Svalbard. Each Year, The Sea Ice Region In Svalbard Diminishes, As This Area Experiences A Warming Rate Seven Times Quicker Than The Global Average.
On the thin ice by Florian Ledoux. A colossal male polar bear strides on the fragile ice of late spring in Svalbard. Each year, the sea ice region in Svalbard diminishes, as this area experiences a warming rate seven times quicker than the global average.
Gathering In Gold Harbour By Renato Granieri. Hordes Of King Penguin Juveniles Assemble Near A Freshwater Pool. Both The Molting Grown-Ups And The Fledglings Steer Clear Of The Water Due To Their Non-Water-Resistant Plumage, Preferring To Remain In Proximity To Freshwater Supplies For Hydration Purposes.
Gathering in Gold Harbour by Renato Granieri. Hordes of king penguin juveniles assemble near a freshwater pool. Both the molting grown-ups and the fledglings steer clear of the water due to their non-water-resistant plumage, preferring to remain in proximity to freshwater supplies for hydration purposes.
Flamingos By Thomas Vijayan. Throughout The Monsoon Period, The Stunning Flamingos Populate The Rift Valley. 'I Was Lucky To Dedicate Ample Time Capturing As Many Images As Possible, With Each Snapshot Presenting A Unique And Beautiful Scene,' The Photographer Shared.
Flamingos by Thomas Vijayan. Throughout the monsoon period, the stunning flamingos populate the Rift Valley. ‘I was lucky to dedicate ample time capturing as many images as possible, with each snapshot presenting a unique and beautiful scene,' the photographer shared.
Suburban Dystopia By Florian Kriechbaumer. Situated On The Fringes Of Dubai In The United Arab Emirates, A Specially Constructed Residential Community Showcases Homes Of A Uniform Design. These Residences Are Distinguished By Their Dual-Color Scheme And Are Systematically Laid Out Along A Grid-Like Street Network.
Suburban Dystopia by Florian Kriechbaumer. Situated on the fringes of in the United Arab Emirates, a specially constructed residential community showcases homes of a uniform design. These residences are distinguished by their dual-color scheme and are systematically laid out along a grid-like street network.
Highline By David Machet. In The Bitter Cold Of January 2021, The Celebrated Highliner, Nathan Paulin, Managed To Traverse A 200-Meter Long And 2.5Cm Wide Highline At Pointe D'areu In The Aravis Range, Positioned At A Height Of 2,460 Meters. This Remarkable Feat Took Three Days And The Concerted Input Of A Six-Person Team To Accomplish, Marking It As A First In The World.
Highline by David Machet. In the bitter cold of January 2021, the celebrated highliner, Nathan Paulin, managed to traverse a 200-meter long and 2.5cm wide highline at Pointe d'Areu in the Aravis range, positioned at a height of 2,460 meters. This remarkable feat took three days and the concerted input of a six-person team to accomplish, marking it as a first in the world.
Strawberry Show By Guy Shmueli. From A Bird's-Eye View, The Daybreak Over The Strawberry Field Resembles A Theater Curtain Unveiling Ahead Of A Grand Performance. This Scene Was Captured Towards The Tail End Of Winter Near The City Of Hadera, In Israel.
Strawberry show by Guy Shmueli. From a bird's-eye view, the daybreak over the strawberry field resembles a theater curtain unveiling ahead of a grand performance. This scene was captured towards the tail end of winter near the city of Hadera, in Israel.
Fresh Tracks By Austin Johnson. On December 20, 2022, A Group Of Canada Geese Imprints A Path On The Untouched Snow Of Harris Field In Lewiston, Idaho. Canada Geese, Possessing Wingspans Between 4 And 6 Feet, Are Capable Of Covering Up To 1,500 Miles In A Single Day, Given Suitable Weather Conditions.
Fresh Tracks by Austin Johnson. On December 20, 2022, a group of geese imprints a path on the untouched snow of Harris Field in Lewiston, . Canada geese, possessing wingspans between 4 and 6 feet, are capable of covering up to 1,500 miles in a single day, given suitable weather conditions.
Decreasing Green Spaces By Md Asker Ibne Firoz. In The Bustling Heart Of Dhaka, Bangladesh's Capital, The Adverse Effects Of Urban Growth Are Strikingly Visible. The Gradual Erosion Of Green Spaces Throughout Various Sections Of The City Over Recent Years Stands Out As One Of The Most Notable Impacts.
Decreasing green spaces by Md Asker Ibne Firoz. In the bustling heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital, the adverse effects of urban growth are strikingly visible. The gradual erosion of green spaces throughout various sections of the city over recent years stands out as one of the most notable impacts.
The Buffalos Bath By Kiah Hwa Ng. From A High Vantage Point, A Herd Of Buffalo Are Seen Immersing Themselves In A Pond, Seeking Relief From The Scorching Midday Sun. The Striking Contrast Between The Buffalo And Their Environment Forms A Captivating Picture Bathed In Earthy Hues. The Image Was Obtained Using The Dji Mavic 3 Drone.
The Buffalos Bath by Kiah Hwa Ng. From a high vantage point, a herd of buffalo are seen immersing themselves in a pond, seeking relief from the scorching midday sun. The striking contrast between the buffalo and their environment forms a captivating picture bathed in earthy hues. The image was obtained using the DJI Mavic 3 drone.
We Work Together By Pappu Chowdhury. On A Mound Of Salt, Two Females And Four Males Are Engaged In Forming Designs.
We Work Together by Pappu Chowdhury. On a mound of salt, two females and four males are engaged in forming designs.
Traditional Boli Khela By Muhammad Amdad Hossain. &Quot;Boli Khela,&Quot; A Customary Form Of Wrestling Shown At Laldighi Maidan In Chattogram, Has Emerged As A Key Component Of Bangladesh's Folk Tradition.
Traditional Boli Khela by Muhammad Amdad Hossain. “Boli Khela,” a customary form of wrestling shown at Laldighi Maidan in Chattogram, has emerged as a key component of Bangladesh's folk tradition.
Sunken Church Tower By Paweł Jagiełło. A Church Tower From The 14Th Century In Italy Persists As A Touching Relic Of The Drowned Village Of Curon Venosta. After The Construction Of A Dam In 1950, The Village Was Completely Engulfed, Giving Rise To The Man-Made Lake Resia. Presently, All That's Left To See Is The Church Tower.
Sunken church tower by Paweł Jagiełło. A church tower from the 14th century in persists as a touching relic of the drowned village of Curon Venosta. After the construction of a dam in 1950, the village was completely engulfed, giving rise to the man-made Lake Resia. Presently, all that's left to see is the church tower.
Jummah Prayer On Highway By Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan. A Bird's-Eye View Captures The Immense Gathering Of Thousands Of Faithful Participating In Jumma Prayer On The Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway, Marking The First Day Of Bishwa Ijtema 2023. This Event Is Recognized As The Second Biggest Global Assembly Of Muslims, Surpassed Only By The Hajj.
Jummah Prayer On Highway by Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan. A bird's-eye view captures the immense gathering of thousands of faithful participating in Jumma prayer on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, marking the first day of Bishwa Ijtema 2023. This event is recognized as the second biggest global assembly of Muslims, surpassed only by the hajj.
Main Course By Igor Altuna. Captured In The South Luangwa National Park, This Image Presents The Remnants Of A Buffalo, Fallen Prey To Lions. It Won't Be Long Before Hyenas And Vultures Ensure Nothing Is Left Untouched.
Main course by Igor Altuna. Captured in the South Luangwa National Park, this image presents the remnants of a buffalo, fallen prey to lions. It won't be long before hyenas and vultures ensure nothing is left untouched.
Fight For Thirst By Pratik Chorge. In Thadacha Pada, A Village Located In Mumbai's Thane District, Locals Converge Around A Depleted Well To Collect Water Delivered By Tankers. Despite The Vicinity Of Large Dams Like Bhatsa, Tansa, And Vaitarna, Many Communities In The Area Continue To Grapple With Water Scarcity.
Fight For Thirst by Pratik Chorge. In Thadacha Pada, a village located in Mumbai's Thane district, locals converge around a depleted well to collect water delivered by tankers. Despite the vicinity of large dams like Bhatsa, Tansa, and Vaitarna, many communities in the area continue to grapple with water scarcity.
Lilies, Lilies Everywhere By Savadmon Avalachamveettil. Malarikkal, A Hidden Gem In Kerala, Is Gradually Gaining Recognition Among Locals. Each Year, Between September And October, The Entire Area Transforms Into A Mesmerizing Spectacle As Water Lilies Bloom, Blanketing The Region In A Stunning Sea Of Soft Pink.
Lilies, Lilies Everywhere by Savadmon Avalachamveettil. Malarikkal, a hidden gem in Kerala, is gradually gaining recognition among locals. Each year, between September and October, the entire area transforms into a mesmerizing spectacle as water lilies bloom, blanketing the region in a stunning sea of soft pink.

Photos courtesy of all the various drone photographers mentioned in the descriptions.

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