DJI Avata One Year Long Term Review – My Favourite Drone

Good day, folks. Shawn here from Air Photography. Today, I'll be presenting a brief video where we'll discuss the DJI Avata. The has been on the market for a year, and after flying it for the past year, I can confidently say it's become my all-time favorite drone. In fact, I've probably flown it more than any other drone.

DJI Avata Review After One Year

Several reasons contribute to its top ranking in my preferences, and I'll outline them in this video.

DJI Avata's versatility

One of the main reasons I adore this drone is its versatility. You can fly it as a traditional FPV drone, capturing dynamic shots. If you're more inclined, you can enable the horizon balancing feature, which provides a conventional drone look reminiscent of a GPS-stabilized platform. This versatility ensures that regardless of the type of footage you're aiming for, you can obtain a diverse range of content.

Dji Avata One Year Long Term Review - My Favourite Drone

Image quality

Furthermore, the built-in camera in the DJI Avata is commendable. While there's an option to mount a third-party camera, for the most part, it's unnecessary. Users can choose between built-in stabilization, “Rock Steady,” or opt for external solutions like Gyroflow. I'm often content using the built-in camera, only relying on third-party equipment for specific shots. The combination of camera quality and versatility is the primary reason it's among my favorites.

Durability of the DJI Avata

Durability is another significant feature. Like any drone, it's not indestructible, but it stands up well to common accidents. For instance, colliding with a tree doesn't necessarily spell disaster. I've crashed it numerous times, and its resilience has allowed me to achieve shots I wouldn't dare with a delicate GPS drone. The DJI Avata navigates tight spaces well, and even if it strikes an obstacle, it often just bounces back. And if it does fall, you can either manually retrieve it or use the “Turtle mode” to flip it and continue your journey.

Dji Avata One Year Long Term Review - My Favourite Drone

DJI Avata Is Easy To Fly

Ease of use is my third reason. The DJI Avata is perfect for those who want FPV footage without the steep learning curve of traditional FPV. It boasts the safety features of a DJI Mavic drone, bar obstacle avoidance. When in a tricky situation, simply release the controls, and the drone will hover. This ease of use extends to every DJI Avata feature, from flying to charging batteries. There is no need to grapple with software like Betaflight or fuss with intricate LiPO charging.

Another advantage is its growth potential. Start with the normal or sport mode, which emulates the Mavic's behavior. Once you're comfortable, switch to manual mode for more adventurous flying, including loops, dives, and spins. If things go awry, just hit the brake, and it stops and hovers—a feature traditional lack.

In its year on the market, the DJI Avata has seen software updates and new hardware releases. DJI introduced the Goggles Integra and an enhanced motion controller. Recent firmware updates have expanded compatibility, allowing for integration with drones like the Pro or Pro.

DJI Avata issues

However, the DJI Avata isn't without its issues. Initial models had a “tumble issue,” which DJI addressed through firmware. Still, I've found it sometimes reverts to normal mode during manual dives, even when I believe I have control. Another concern has been props detaching mid-flight. It happened to me over a lake, resulting in a loss, but DJI replaced it promptly. I'm uncertain if it was a user error or a design flaw, but my replacement has functioned flawlessly over many flights.

In conclusion, after a year with the DJI Avata, it's undeniably my favorite drone for both filming and leisure flights. If you found this review helpful, please give it a thumbs up. Your support is always appreciated. Until next time!

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