DJI Mini 4 Pro: A Comprehensive Review of the Latest Mini Drone

Drones have seen leaps and bounds in innovation, with each model promising better features and enhanced performance. But how often do we see genuine advancements, and when do they become just refinements of previous designs? Philip Bloom provides answers in his insightful of the Pro.

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The Essentials of the DJI Mini 4 Pro

The DJI Mini 4 Pro's introduction comes 18 months after the release of the Mini 3 Pro. The previous model witnessed significant firmware updates post-launch. As Bloom points out, the Mini 4 Pro presents itself as an “improved version,” with many of its changes appearing more like refinements than groundbreaking innovations.

While retaining the 4K resolution, a single camera, and the familiar 1/1.3″ sensor, the Mini 4 Pro showcases numerous software enhancements. It also boasts a boost in processing power. Physically, there's the introduction of landing feet on the front legs and fish-eye sensors for 360-degree obstacle avoidance.

The propellers remain unchanged, but accessory compatibility takes a hit due to gimbal alterations. One notable upgrade is the new Occusync 4 transmission system, necessitating a new controller but promising a remarkable range and heightened performance in obstacle-rich settings.

As Bloom remarked, “the new controller is more responsive with a brighter screen,” signaling it as a superior successor.

Feature Enhancements: Beyond the Basics

Diving deeper into functionalities, Bloom highlights several features where the Mini 4 Pro edges past its predecessor:

  • Active Track: This offers customization, although it's better suited for faster movements, like cars, rather than leisurely strolls.
  • Gain/Expo settings and Tripod Mode: Born from a petition after the Mavic 3 review, these settings enhance safety and precise control.
  • Picture Profiles: An added HLG profile caters to those seeking HDR content.
  • Waypoints: This novel feature allows specific flight paths programming, although some options might be region-specific.
  • Dynamic Range and Image Quality: “The new sensor, with dual ISO, provides improved image quality and better dynamic range,” Bloom notes, especially when juxtaposing the Mini 4 Pro's D-Log M with the Mini 3 Pro's D-Cinelike.

New Features: A Closer Look

Addressing past issues, the DJI Mini 4 Pro brings sharpness and noise reduction controls, promising a more organic image. Other fresh introductions include a zoom function, sharper photos, a wide-angle adaptor, vertical video, cruise control, and updated file naming.

Bloom draws attention to the regulatory restrictions: from 2024, a 120-meter height cap in due to Class-0 labeling, which can affect flight in hilly terrains. In contrast, regions like the UK and US remain unaffected.

Wrapping Up: Is the Mini 4 Pro Worth It?

Concluding his review, Philip Bloom lauds the Mini 4 Pro for its exceptional image stabilization, gimbal features, and more. “The Mini 4 Pro is a significant upgrade,” he states, pointing to its high-quality performance metrics. However, its price might give potential buyers a moment's pause.

In essence, if you're on the hunt for an advanced, compact drone, the DJI Mini 4 Pro might just be your top pick. But as with all tech, it's essential to weigh its advancements against its predecessor and decide if it's the right fit for your needs.

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