Sneak Peek into the DJI Dock Mini: Leaked Photos Reveal More Than Expected

Earlier today, new photos were leaked that show the DJI Dock Mini and DJI Matrice 3D in greater detail. The photos were shared on X by Igor Bogdanov from Quadro_News. Both photos seem to show the Mini and in the back of a minivan.

The photos show the DJI Dock Mini in the closed position. On the top of the dock, we can see a windspeed meter and a circular metal component. While its exact function remains a mystery, one could speculate that this device is designed to assess weather conditions, like wind and rain, before embarking on a drone mission.

Diving deeper into the second snapshot, the side of the DJI Dock Mini boasts some eye-catching features. Starting from the left, there's a round, blue socket or port, likely for connecting a power source or another device. Next to it, is a yellow triangular warning sign containing symbols indicating caution for moving parts and electrical hazards.

Sneak Peek into the DJI Dock Mini: Leaked Photos Reveal More Than Expected
Sneak Peek into the DJI Dock Mini: Leaked Photos Reveal More Than Expected

In the middle section of the front side, there is a small, rectangular display panel with digital numbers and other unreadable text, suggesting that it could provide readouts or settings related to the box's functionality. To the right of this display, there's a square-shaped, possibly transparent section, but its exact function or what it might display is unclear from the image.

On the far right side of the box's front, there's a prominent, round, red button, which might function as an emergency stop or power switch. Over the top of the DJI Dock Mini, a seam is visible, showing both parts of the top that open up before the DJI Matrice 3D can take off.

The DJI Matrice 3D, as displayed in one of the photos, sits proudly atop the DJI Dock Mini. With a focus on its rear side, it's evident that this enterprise drone is packed with features. Notably, it is equipped with two obstacle avoidance sensors at the back. Paired with the sensors found on the front and bottom, it's clear that the DJI Matrice 3D is designed for omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, which would be required for safe drone flights beyond visible line of sight (BVLOS). Furthermore, the photo shows the LED beacon light, the RTK module, the connection points for accessories, and the USB-C connection port.

We are excited to see the DJI Dock Mini and DJI Matrice 3D come to market, as we expect that many enterprise customers will be interested in a commercial drone for remote, repeated inspection, and surveillance operations.

The video below shows the DJI Dock and the in operation. This setup is much larger and more expensive than what the DJI Dock Mini and the DJI Matrice 3D will be.

What's your take on the DJI Dock Mini and the DJI Matrice 3D? Dive into the conversation and share your thoughts below!

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