Sony’s Airpeak S1 Drone Soars Higher with Latest Firmware Update

Elevating Aerial Efficiency and Safety

Electronics Inc. has announced a significant firmware update for its Airpeak S1 drone, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to enhancing the capabilities of this advanced aerial platform.

Tailored for industrial enterprises and high-end users, this free update, available from December 18, 2023, introduces an array of new features and improvements, emphasizing Sony's focus on customer-centric innovation and continuous improvement.

Streamlined Mapping and Enhanced Safety

Enhanced Mapping Mission (New)

The introduces an Enhanced Mapping Mission feature, streamlining the surveying workflow. This new capability allows automatic flight for mapping missions through the Airpeak Flight app.

Utilizing the RTK kit RTK-1 and Gimbal GBL-PX1, it enables efficient creation of 2D ortho maps, 3D models, and point clouds.

The update simplifies the process of adding high-precision positioning data to captured images, enhancing the accuracy and usability of aerial data.

Sony's Airpeak S1 Drone Soars Higher With Latest Firmware Update

Automatic Return to Home (Enhanced)

The Automatic Return to Home (RTH) feature has been enhanced for improved safety and efficiency. It now activates automatically in scenarios like low battery or signal loss, intelligently navigating to avoid obstacles and restricted airspace.

The update offers Basic and Advanced modes for obstacle avoidance, ensuring a safer return flight, which is especially crucial for complex aerial imaging tasks.

Sony's Airpeak S1 Drone Soars Higher With Latest Firmware Update

Replicating Precision Flight Paths

Precision in Flight Path Recreation

A standout addition is the “Direct Repeat Flight” mode, which allows users to accurately replicate a previously flown path, including gimbal and camera movements.

This feature is vital for continuously capturing a fixed point or repeated flights over the same route, ensuring consistency in aerial photography.

Expanded Compatibility for Cameras and Apple Devices

Expanded Camera Compatibility

The update broadens the spectrum of compatible high-end cameras, providing users with more choices for their imaging needs, including new models like [Camera Model, e.g., a7RM3A].

Extended iPad/iPhone Compatibility

The firmware now supports additional iPad and iPhone models, enhancing the user experience for a wider range of Apple device users.

Sony's Airpeak S1 Drone Soars Higher With Latest Firmware Update
Sony's Airpeak S1 Drone Soars Higher with Latest Firmware Update

Strategic Industry Partnerships

Sony has also forged key partnerships with industry leaders like AirData UAV, HEXAGON Smart Net, and Inertial Labs.

These collaborations aim to boost the Airpeak S1's capabilities and affirm its status as a top choice for professional use in various industries.

This firmware update solidifies the Airpeak S1's position in the competitive drone market, showcasing Sony's dedication to advancing aerial technology and meeting the evolving needs of its users.

For more details and to download the update, visit Sony's Airpeak Support and Airpeak Homepage.

Photo credits Sony.

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