Drone Possession Leads to Lifetime Prison Sentence: The Story of Myanmar Filmmaker Shin Daewe

Unjust Incarceration: Shin Daewe's Battle Against Oppression

In a striking example of the ongoing human rights abuses in Myanmar, documentary filmmaker Shin Daewe has been condemned to a lifetime in prison for possessing a drone, reports Variety.

This alarming sentence was handed down after she was arrested for merely possessing a drone. Shin Daewe, a prominent figure in Myanmar's film industry, known for works like “An Untitled Life,” “Take Me Home,” and “A Bright Future,” was seized in Yangon last October.

Her trial, devoid of representation and conducted by a military tribunal inside the notorious Insein Prison, starkly highlights the relentless crackdown on freedom and dissent under Myanmar's military junta.

Myanmar's Descent into Despotism

Since the military's forceful takeover in February 2021, Myanmar has been plunged into chaos, marred by civil war and the systematic erosion of civil liberties. The junta's rule has not only devastated the economy but has also led to the persecution and imprisonment of other filmmakers, journalists, and photographers.

Shin Daewe's case is not isolated; it is part of a broader, more sinister agenda to suppress any form of opposition or independent media coverage.

International Outcry and the Call for Justice

The International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (ICFR), based in , has vehemently denounced Shin Daewe's imprisonment. The organization, deeply concerned about her well-being, has called for her immediate and unconditional release. Mike Downey, chair of the European Film Academy and a founding board member of the ICFR, criticized the junta's tactics as an attempt to instill fear, suppress the truth, and violate basic human rights.

A Family's Sorrow and the World's Responsibility

Shin Daewe's family, longing for her return, expressed their wish to see her resume her usual work. This personal tragedy is a microcosm of the broader struggle faced by the people of Myanmar. The conviction and the severe punishment meted out to Shin Daewe represent not just a violation of her rights but are indicative of the junta's systematic attempt to obliterate freedom of expression and media.

A Call for Global Solidarity

The case of Shin Daewe is a stark reminder of the fragility of freedom and the need for global solidarity in the face of oppression. It is a call to the international community to not only recognize but actively oppose the injustices perpetrated by the Myanmar military junta. As the world watches, the fight for Shin Daewe's freedom becomes emblematic of the larger battle for human rights and liberty in Myanmar.

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One comment

  1. It has nothing to do with JUST owning a drone, its purely politically motivated, they have used the drone and counter terrorism and espionage as a legal justification to remove her because she is outspoken and partakes in demonstrations and is always talking about the human rights abuses and regimes in the country.

    I have taken my drone to Myanmar without issue several times, they are prohibited in the capital and around obvious government places and the airports and all of Naypyidaw and a few other cities.

    There are plenty of cases like this in Asia where film makers have been arrested for supposedly owning drones.
    I think there was an Australian in Cambodia who spent 15 months in jail for flying a drone at a rally.

    If you are outspoken against regimes in this part of the world, you get locked up and thats all there is to it, freedom of speech comes at a price, wether we agree with it or not.

    In Thailand you can get 3 years minimum for even saying anything negative about the king/royal family with a maximum time of 15 years.

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