High-Tech Policing: Mount Lebanon’s Use of Drones Leads to Arrest

In an innovative push towards modernized law enforcement, the Mount Lebanon Department has successfully harnessed for public safety, marking a significant advancement in their operational capabilities.

This development came to light following a recent collaboration with South Hills communities, which led to the arrest of a suspect involved in burglary and a domestic incident, reports WPXI.

A New Eye in the Sky

Chief Jason Haberman of Mount Lebanon's Police Department has been at the forefront of integrating drone technology into police work. This strategic move is not only about embracing modern technology but also about fostering inter-community cooperation for enhanced safety.

The recent operation in South Park Township is a testament to the effectiveness of drones in law enforcement, offering a bird's-eye view that proved crucial in apprehending a suspect.

The drone footage, as described by Chief Haberman, showed the suspect attempting to hide in thick brush, an effort made futile by the vigilant eye of the drone operated from hundreds of feet above.

This capability represents a leap in surveillance techniques, allowing officers to track suspects with unprecedented precision.

The South Hills Drone Team

Mount Lebanon's journey towards integrating drones into their police work spans several years, but it's the recent formation of a South Hills area drone team under the South Hills Area Council of Government (SHACOG) that has truly amplified their capabilities. This initiative showcases a collaborative spirit, with officers from different departments coming together, drones in hand, to ensure public safety.

The operation that led to the recent arrest highlighted the tactical deployment of drones, with Chief Haberman's team and South Park Township officers positioning their drones to cover different angles of the potential crime scene. This teamwork enabled them to pinpoint the suspect's location accurately, despite his attempts to elude capture by running and hiding.

A Multipurpose Tool for Public Safety

The utility of drones extends beyond tracking suspects. As Chief Haberman points out, these aerial devices are invaluable in locating missing individuals, whether they are at special risk or belong to vulnerable groups like the disabled or elderly. Moreover, drones offer significant advantages in surveillance, especially in SWAT incidents, by providing a comprehensive view without putting officers in harm's way.

“This technology saves lives,” asserts Chief Haberman, highlighting the dual benefit of protecting officers and civilians alike. Drones serve as a force multiplier, offering situational awareness that was previously unattainable without deploying large numbers of personnel.

Looking Forward

As the Mount Lebanon Police Department continues to explore the potentials of drone technology, the focus remains on collaboration and innovation. The success of the drone program underscores a significant shift towards technologically empowered policing, promising enhanced public safety with every flight. Chief Haberman's anticipation of the future applications of drones in law enforcement reflects a proactive approach to community safety, one that resonates with the evolving needs of the society it serves.

The deployment of drones by the Mount Lebanon Police Department marks a pivotal moment in law enforcement strategies, blending technology with traditional policing methods. As this program continues to evolve, it stands as a beacon of modernized public safety efforts, showcasing the power of innovation and collaboration in protecting and serving communities.

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