Why the DJI Air 4 Will Likely Launch Before the DJI Mavic 4

DJI has been on a roll with its Air series, updating it more frequently than its Mavic series. If you're expecting a new DJI drone this summer, it's probably going to be the DJI Air 4, instead of a DJI Mavic 4.

Here's why the Air series gets refreshed quicker and why the Mavic series takes its time.

Faster Updates for the DJI Air Series

Release Cycles

The DJI Air series has seen more frequent updates compared to the Mavic series. Here's the timeline:

In contrast, the Mavic series has had a slower update cycle:

Mavic 3 Vs Mavic 3 Pro - Worth Upgrading?
DJI Mavic 3 Pro and Air 3 drones.

Why the DJI Air Series Updates Faster

  1. Market Positioning: The Air series sits between the entry-level Mini and the professional-grade Mavic series. It's aimed at a broader consumer market, which means it needs to stay fresh with frequent updates to attract new buyers and keep up with consumer demands.
  2. Technological Advancements: Drone tech evolves quickly. Mid-range products like the Air series benefit from incorporating the latest advancements to stay competitive.
  3. Consumer Demand: There's a higher demand for lower-priced, mid-range drones with the newest features. Frequent updates help DJI maintain its market share by meeting these demands.
  4. Competitive Pressure: The consumer drone market is cutthroat. Rapid updates to the Air series help DJI stay ahead of any possible competitors and integrate new tech as soon as it's available.
Introducing The Dji Air 3: A Breakthrough In Aerial Photography
DJI Air 3 drone with dual cameras.

Why the DJI Mavic Series Is Slower to Refresh

High-End Market

The Mavic series, especially the Mavic 3 Pro, targets high-end consumers and professionals. This market segment doesn't see as much competition, allowing DJI to take its time with updates. This is even more obvious when looking at the DJI Inspire series.

Established Ecosystem

The Mavic series has a solid ecosystem of accessories and software. This makes the drones highly versatile and valuable, reducing the need for frequent hardware updates. Users invested in this ecosystem—expensive batteries, controllers, and software—prefer stability and long-term compatibility over new models.

Commercial and Government Use

Commercial and government agencies often use Mavic drones due to their reliability and advanced features. These users often have tight budgets and prefer longer product lifecycles. Frequent updates would disrupt their operations and investments.

National Security Takes Flight In China'S Drone Laws - Revolutionary Dji Mavic 3 Pro Drone: Triple-Camera Aerial Mastery Unleashed
DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone with a triple camera setup.

Less Frequent Updates Allow Focus on Quality

Developing cutting-edge capabilities like advanced camera systems and longer flight times takes time. The Mavic series benefits from this by offering highly advanced features that set it apart from competitors. A slower release cycle ensures each new model is a significant upgrade.


DJI Likely to release DJI Air 4 before Mavic 4

In short, the DJI Air series is more consumer-focused, resulting in faster updates to keep up with market demands and technological advancements. The Mavic series, with its professional and high-end positioning, benefits from a slower update cycle, providing stability and reliability to its users.

Given this strategy, expect the DJI Air 4 to debut before the DJI Mavic 4, likely early this summer as indicated by the most recent , while the Mavic 4 might not appear until much later this year or even next year.

DJI's approach ensures that both series continue to meet the specific needs of their respective markets, balancing innovation with reliability.

What do you think about the DJI product lifecycles and which drone do you expect to be released first? We are curious to hear what features you'd like to see in both the DJI Air 4, and the DJI Mavic 4. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I wanna see Dji Air 3s or 4 with 1 inch CMOS hasselblad 35MP sensor with 3times optical zoom and 5.1k video resolution. And in Mavic 4/4pro I would love to see improved hasselblad sensor to 48MP with 6-8k video resolution with 5times optical zoom capabilities.

  2. They only add one new feature each year and just give it a number… wasting time and money it’s no real value in dji products. They just make a new product in 6 months shrug

  3. DJI should take their time to design a worthy successor for the Mavic 3 / Mavic 3 Pro.
    I would love to see a Mavic 4 with an IPX rating. Sometimes you need to fly through mist and rain to get awesome shots….something, that isn’t recommended right now with the Mavic 3.
    As far as I know, only the Matrice and Agras series drones are able to do so, but they are no drones to capture cinematic content.

    oh, and don’t forget modularity:

    normal, cine, Enterprise drone body +
    interchangeable camera modules depending on the use case of the drone

    Do I expect too much?!?

    • Maybe you expect too much. Although I can get behind it! Remember the Phantom prototype with interchangeable lenses from years ago?

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