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DJI updates DJI Go and DJI Go 4 app. Possibly in response to Synacktiv report?

Dji Go 4 App Receives An Update But No New Features -Dji Updates Dji Go And Dji Go 4 App. Possibly In Response To Synacktiv Report?

Not only did DJI just update the DJI Fly app, but the Chinese drone maker also updated the DJI Go and DJI Go 4 app. The company does not provide a lot of information about the new versions other than saying it ‘fixes crashes and improves stability,’ which is a standard line that the drone maker uses. It makes you wonder, even though the issues were focussed on the Android versions of...

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DJI Pilot app shares same security flaws as DJI Go 4, says Synacktiv

Dji Pilot App Shares Same Security Flaws As Dji Go 4, According To Synacktiv

About ten days ago, this story was published in the NY Times highlighting the security flaws found in the for the Android platform by security researchers from the French company . Today, the company releases a new statement claiming that the for commercial and enterprise customers has the same security concerns