New Hubsan Zino Mini SE drone: 4K, under 250 grams

New Hubsan Zino Mini Se Drone: 4K, Under 250 Grams

Drone Manufacturer Hubsan announced the Zino Mini Pro at the end of April this year, a sub-250 gram drone that obviously had to compete with the popular DJI Mini 2. However, it took some time for the drone to hit the market; the first reports are still coming in. Meanwhile, Huban has been working on a somewhat lower-priced counterpart of the Zino Mini Pro known as the Zino Mini SE.

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Hubsan Zino Mini Pro: 4K, 249 g, 40 min flight time, obstacle avoidance

Hubsan Zino Mini Pro: 4K, 249 G, 40 Min Flight Time, Obstacle Avoidance

Are you looking for a camera drone that weighs less than 250 grams and still performs well in terms of image quality and flight time? Then it seems that there will be something to choose again soon. In addition to the Mini 2 from DJI and the Fimi X8 Mini from Xiaomi, Hubsan comes with the Zino Mini Pro. On paper, the drone has a lot to offer: a weight of 249 grams, 4K video with 6x digital zoom...