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The Anafi AI is for professionals, Parrot says. Can we trust them to deliver?

The Anafi Ai Is For Professionals, Parrot Says. Can We Trust Them To Deliver?

The Parrot Anafi AI launch video promises an unmanned aircraft for professional drone pilots. This message comes from the same company that warned us before to ‘don’t trust Chinese drones‘, and that asked us ‘do you trust DJI drones?‘ This begs the question, do we trust Parrot? Do we trust the French dronemaker to deliver this time and provide us with a real work...

Parrot launches new Anafi AI drone with 4G connectivity

Parrot Launches New Anafi Ai Drone With 4G Connectivity

The Anafi AI, a new drone from European drone manufacturer Parrot, will be available in the second half of 2021. Notably, it’s the first time 4G has been used as the primary data link between the drone and the remote, effectively eliminating the need for transmission limits. It can also make use of a Wi-Fi network connection. In addition, Parrot claims that remote pilots will be able to...