Skyward InFlight mobile app is newly designed and improved

For the past several months, the Skyward team has been hard at work on our platform to redesign the Skyward InFlight mobile app.

Skyward InFlight mobile app is newly designed and improved

Drone pilots can use the new  InFlight app in the field to plan, fly, and process with a whole new mobile experience.

Skyward InFlight is now divided into three sections — Home, Map, and Flight — for a streamlined experience from early planning to final outcome. Operations are now easier and more straightforward than they have ever been, and a new pre-flight status display will assist you in swiftly evaluating issues and taking appropriate action.

Skyward InFlight is provided for iOS and Android smartphones, as well as Smart Controllers. The app’s functionality may differ depending on the platform and membership level.

Here are some of the highlights of the Skyward InFlight app

Skyward Introduces Newly Designed Skyward Inflight Mobile App

All-new navigation

With the revamp of the bottom navigation bar, Skyward InFlight has become much more user-friendly and efficient. This bar has three tabs:

  • The Home tab easily organizes your activities in a calendar view and offers comprehensive, at-a-glance mission preflight information. This page also allows you to prepare operation specifics, seek access to regulated airspace, and construct automated flights.
  • The Map tab delivers Skyward’s airspace and 3D ground intelligence to the field, allowing you to verify airspace permits, establish new operations, and plan flying regions.
  • The Flying tab provides a full ground control station (GCS) for certain drones, including automatic flight modes and real-time flight monitoring.

Using these tabs, users may quickly and easily navigate around the software, making it more user-friendly and streamlined.

Preflight status bar has been updated in Skyward InFlight app

The new preflight status bar is intended to assist pilots in assessing possible issues before taking flight. The preflight status indicator has a color-coded “stoplight” system to alert the pilot of serious, moderate, or low-level issues.

There are four types:

  1. Airspace – Noting whether the operation is in an area with restricted, controlled, or other airspace that may cause concern.
  2. LAANC – Determining if the area of operation touches any controlled airspace with LAANC enabled. If so, then this button will enable you to request LAANC airspace access and view your authorization.
  3. Risk Assessment – A series of questions to gauge potential risks and mitigating factors, which can be started on the web and completed in Skyward InFlight to generate a final risk score.
  4. Checklists – A staple of aviation safety that you can customize in the web app, assign to your missions, and complete in the field.

Skyward Inflight Mobile App Is Newly Designed And Improved 1

Skyward InFlight makes it simpler for crews to communicate and perform safer flights in the field by giving risk information that can be seen at a glance. It also makes it easier for program managers to assess regulatory and corporate compliance across a dispersed fleet of aircraft.

The same sophisticated airspace map, automated flight recording, and other features are available.

Aside from these new capabilities, the updated InFlight app retains the same powerful airspace map, which contains restricted airspace, permanent and temporary flight restrictions (TFRs), important ground information such as runways, major power lines, and pedestrian walkways — and much more.

In addition, Skyward InFlight contains the most recent upgrades to LAANC, which include airspace access requests for drone flights at night, among other things. InFlight also automatically records every flight to the Skyward platform so that pilots and executives may view precisely how an activity was carried out at any point in the future.

More features will be added shortly

Skyward is not done with developing the Skyward InFlight app as of yet. More capabilities are on the way, including compatibility with the Parrot ANAFI Ai, the world’s first drone powered by Verizon 4G LTE connection.

If you’d like to give Skyward InFlight a shot, sign in to your account or get a 30-day free trial of the full Skyward platform.

Skyward Inflight Mobile App Is Newly Designed And Improved 2

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