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Droneanalyst Forecasts Steady Growth In Drone Hardware Market

DroneAnalyst forecasts growth drone hardware market

Today, DroneAnalyst, an independent research firm, issued its latest forecast on the drone hardware market in its Drone Hardware Sector Report, predicting the strongest growth rates in the Enterprise Imaging and Agricultural Spraying segments.

Uvs International

The curtain falls for drone trade association UVS International

The European trade association for the drone sector UVS International will cease to exist. The organization, which was founded 25 years ago, aimed to stimulate the unmanned aviation sector. However, the organization ran into financial difficulties, partly as a result…

Sky Drone Joins Nvidia Incubator Program

Sky Drone joins Nvidia incubator program

The Hong Kong-based maker of drone connectivity units, Sky Drone joined the Nvidia incubator program to develop AI processing for 4G and 5G connected drones. Sky Drone joins Nvidia incubator program The fact that Sky Drone joined the Nvidia incubator…

The Drone Service Providers Alliance Officially Launches Today

The Drone Service Providers Alliance officially launches today

Something that keeps coming back in many conversations I have had with commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operators in the drone industry is the fact that they do not have a unified voice to talk to the Federal Aviation Administration…

Rawview Announces Flytbase Drone Partnership

RAWview announces FlytBase drone partnership

FlytBase and RAWview have announced a collaboration that brings FlytWare – a fully autonomous, drone-based inventory counting solution – to United Kingdom warehouse operators.