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Belgian police drone drops handcuffs at hostage-taker

Belgian Police Drone Drops Handcuffs At Hostage-Taker

A hostage situation in the Belgian town of Halle ended in a very remarkable way last weekend. The police used a drone to drop handcuffs on a hostage-taker who was about to surrender. After the suspect handcuffed himself, the Police were able to arrest him. As far as is known, it is the first time that a Police drone has been used in this way.

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Increasing criticism of surveillance by police drones; Belgium starts privacy research

Increasing Criticism Of Surveillance By Police Drones; Belgium Starts Privacy Research

The use of police drones to enforce corona measures or to monitor demonstrations is increasing resistance. According to privacy experts, the risk of invasion of privacy is increasing. In Belgium, the Minister of Justice has even protested against the intention of the Police to use drones to monitor compliance with corona measures during New Year’s Eve.

Forget Skydio and DJI. Watch Sacramento police use cinewhoop fpv drone to enter crime scene

Forget Skydio And Dji. Watch Sacramento Police Use Cinewhoop Fpv Drone To Enter Crime Scene

When we talk about police drones, we often talking about DJI and sometimes even Skydio and Autel. Unmanned aircraft from these manufacturers are most often used by First Responders and Police departments. However, this is not the case in Sacramento. Watch the video below to see how the Sacramento Police Department uses a $93 cinewhoop fpv drone to enter a crime scene in a way that none of the...