Police drones

Belgian Police Drone Drops Handcuffs At Hostage-Taker

Belgian police drone drops handcuffs at hostage-taker

A hostage situation in the Belgian town of Halle ended in a very remarkable way last weekend. The police used a drone to drop handcuffs on a hostage-taker who was about to surrender. After the suspect handcuffed himself, the Police…

How A California Police Department Is Using Drones

How a California police department is using drones

The NY Times posted a detailed article on how a California Police department is using drones to respond to 911 calls and aid in other day-to-day police activities. The use of drones by the police understandably raises concerns among various…

Dutch Police Will Significantly Expand Drone Fleet

Dutch police will significantly expand drone fleet

The Dutch Police will be investing heavily in expanding its drone fleet in the coming years. The police currently have about sixty drones. In two years, there must be at least 130. The drones are increasingly being used for various…