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Drones Could Be Used To Monitor Beaches In Newport, Ri

Drones could be used to monitor beaches in Newport, RI

Drones could be used to monitor beaches in [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]Newport, RI[ [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]Newport City Manager Joseph J. Nicholson, Junior[/mks_highlight] is considering using drones to [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]monitor mask-wearing and social-distancing[/mks_highlight] on city beaches in the Atlantic coastal town.

Machete Teenagers Arrested In The Uk With Help Of A Drone

Machete teenagers arrested in the UK with help of a drone

With the help of a drone, two teenage machete suspects were arrested in Dudley in the UK last month. Local Police have praised the assistance of police drone technology, as it has helped to arrest almost 100 suspects, since being put…

Drone Technology Acquired By San Mateo Police

Drone technology acquired by San Mateo Police

New Drone Technology to be acquired by the San Mateo Police Department to help locate missing persons and solve auto burglary crimes, among other tasks. Likely to include the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise and the just-released DJI Matrice 300 RTK.