Autonomous Drones Count Antarctic Penguin Colonies In Record Time

Autonomous drones count Antarctic penguin colonies in record time

Counting penguins is a difficult job. Research scientists need two full days to map the location of 300,000 nesting pairs of Adélie penguins on Antarctica’s Cape Crozier, using helicopters and hand-flown drones. Additionally, the flight windows for these labor-intense surveys…

Bird Of Prey Attacks Fpv Drone In Midair

Bird of prey attacks FPV drone in midair [video]

Towards the end of this video, you can see a bird of prey suddenly appearing and attacking an FPV drone in midair. While the footage is spectacular it is best to avoid any interactions and disturbances between drones and wildlife.

After Success In Switzerland, We Now See Drones Being Used To Save Baby Deer In Norway As Well. Drones With Thermal Cameras Are Used To Scan The Fields For Any Baby Deer Before The Mowers Come.

Thermal drones save baby deer in Norway

After success in Switzerland, we now see drones being used to save baby deer in Norway as well. Drones with thermal cameras are used to scan the fields for any baby deer before the mowers come.

Drones And Ai May Help Conserve Farmland Bird Nests

Drones and AI may help conserve farmland bird nests

Recently, we have seen how drones can help save deer in Switzerland and even a birds’ nest here in the U.S. Today, we learn that drones and Artificial Intelligence may also show promise for the conservation of farmland bird nests.…

Drone Video Helps To Identify And Save Hawks' Nest

Drone video helps to identify and save hawks’ nest

In River Heights, Utah, a tenant warned the tree-cutting crew that high up in the dead Ponderosa pine tree there was a birds’ nest. Property owner, David Johnson used his unmanned aircraft to take a peak. The drone footage helped…