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Drone video shows revelers dancing away in 'isolation disco'

Drone video shows revelers dancing away in ‘isolation disco’

Hundreds of revelers in Newcastle in the UK were dancing away in an ‘isolation disco’ during the coronavirus lockdown. The incredible sight was captured by a drone and shown in the video below.

A few days ago, residents living in the South Quay flats in Long Row, South Shields and their neighbors in Smiths Dock, were having an impromptu dance party to cheer themselves up after long and boring days during the coronavirus lockdown.

Drone captures impromptu ‘isolation disco’

Billy Bone, 35 years old, flew a drone out of his kitchen window during one of the recent parties to record the awesome sight.

“It was the first weekend of lockdown and we were bored in the house,” Mr. Bone said, who also happens to run an aerial drone video company called Above the Action. “I looked out of our window and saw that everybody across the water was having a party other than us.”

He added that his girlfriend than contacted everyone in our apartment block and set up a WhatsApp group and coordinated a party as well. We told all our neighbors to get their disco lights on at 8:30 PM and play the same song ‘Saturday Night’.

The event was called the ‘isolation disco’ and has since gone viral, racking up more than 140,000 views online, according to The Independent. To break the boredom of the coronavirus lockdown, the party-loving residents are now planning to have at least three discos per week.

Rebecca Turnbull, 31, and Mr. Bone’s girlfriend added that “It has gone mad.” The ‘isolation disco’ was started by two guys Scott and Graham who live in the opposite apartment block and now they’ve got people in Australia wanting to join in next time we have a disco.

What do you think about throwing an ‘isolation disco’ to break the monotony of being under lockdown? What drone would you use to record the action? Let us know in the comments below.

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