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Commercial drone pilots can deliver by drone under Part 107 Certificate

Commercial drone pilots can deliver by drone under Part 107 Certificate

The good people of The Drone U were able to discover something that is not widely known within the drone industry. In the United States, commercial drone pilots can deliver packages by drone under their Part 107 Certificate if they adhere to certain restrictions.

Deliver packages by drone using your Part 107 Certificate

Companies such as Google’s Wing Aviation and UPS have pursued deliveries by drone under a Part 135 Certificate, which means that they operate as an air carrier. The requirements to operate under Part 135 are significantly more difficult to meet than operating under Part 107.

There are some caveats though if you want to deliver by drone using your Part 107. Here are the main things to look out for:

  • Deliveries by drone can be made under a Part 107 Certificate
  • Deliveries can only be made within state borders and not from one state to another state.
  • Deliveries by drone cannot be made to the public. But can be made within the same company.
  • A waiver would be needed to fly beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) or over people
  • The drones used to make deliveries are not allowed to carry any hazardous materials

The easiest way to understand how this would work in practice is the golf course example. Imagine that a golf course would bring snacks or food by drone from their main kitchen in the clubhouse to a location on the course that is managed by employees of the golf course as well. The food would be delivered by drone and within line of sight from one employee of the golf course to another employee of the golf course by drone.

Of course, there are other examples that come to mind as well. How would you like to be able to use drones under your Part 107 Certificate and thus working within the restrictions as laid out by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)? Let us know in the comments below.

You can read the entire article from The Drone U here with more detailed information.

Haye Kesteloo

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