INTERPOL Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident for First Responders and Digital Forensics Practitioners

As many member continue to report an increase in the use of drones by criminals, INTERPOL released its Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident today. The 131-page document provides guidelines for and Digital Forensics Practitioners on how to respond to a . The framework is intended to provide technical guidance in managing and processing an incident.

INTERPOL Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident

The Drone Global Expert Group inspired the creation of this document. In November 2018, 6 countries and 4 US agencies gathered in Denver to explore the challenges and issues that Law Enforcement face in response to a drone incident.

The INTERPOL Drone Responder and Digital Forensic Examination Workshop explored and created the working space for this framework to be constructed. This workshop enabled 9 INTERPOL member countries to work together and create the structure and content of this document.

INTERPOL also consulted and worked with drone specialists, such as drone pilots, drone service consultants and policy specialists to deliver additional insights

“This document is designed as a reference tool for law enforcement worldwide and illustrates INTERPOL's continuous efforts to promote innovation and enhance best practices among our member countries. This framework is part of our ongoing commitment to making the world a safer place, and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to it,” said Jürgen Stock, Secretary-General of INTERPOL

Interpol Framework For Responding To A Drone Incident For First Responders And Digital Forensics Practitioners 1

Anita Hazenberg, Director, INTERPOL Innovation Centre said:

“The Digital Forensics Lab (DFL) within the Innovation Centre has been leading the effort to increase the level of innovative technology , and enhance digital forensics capabilities, within the INTERPOL member countries.

I truly believe that the work of digital forensics laboratories is a crucial part of policing, particularly in the investigation of crimes such as drone incidents.
To this end, the DFL has been organizing Drone Expert Group Meetings annually for the past three years, bringing together drone experts in law enforcement, industry, and academia to share information, knowledge, and best practices.

This Framework provides an overview of drones and associated devices, first responder guidance for responding to a drone incident, and guidance for digital forensic practitioners responsible for the acquisition, examination, analysis, and presentation of drone digital evidence. This framework will hopefully contribute to closing the gap in knowledge of global law enforcement on drones, as well as increase the capacity of global law enforcement – particularly first responders and digital forensics practitioners – to safely and effectively respond to a drone incident.”

Interpol Framework For Responding To A Drone Incident For First Responders And Digital Forensics Practitioners 2

The INTERPOL Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident document is 131 pages long, including 11 appendices, 4 glossaries, 38 figures, and 30 tables. It includes sections about drone components, drone payloads, drone data, how and where to find evidence sources (phone, remote, SD card, internal storage, FPV goggles), safety procedure, precautions before approaching a drone, safety precautions when handling a drone and/or Lipo batteries, first aid, and emergency procedures, drone seizure process, digital forensic investigation, fingerprint preservation, collection and preservation of digital evidence.

Interpol Framework For Responding To A Drone Incident For First Responders And Digital Forensics Practitioners

INTERPOL also included sections and figures specially dedicated to the , the FreeFlight app, Pilot app, CG03 app and Mission Planner software. Some sections and figures are devoted to the Phantom and Mavic remotes, , Phantom 3 and 4, Mavic 2, and Parrot Disco FPV fixed-wing.

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