Police helicopter tries to force down drone amidst protests in Los Angeles

An LAPD helicopter tries to force down a drone amidst protests in . There's a good chance you've already seen this video on social media as this drone incident took place a few days ago. However, I still want to share it here as it shows you how NOT to use your drone.

Police helicopter tries to force down drone

The video was reportedly shot last Friday. It shows how an LAPD helicopter tries to use its prop wash to force down what seems to be a DJI Phantom drone. The video has been shared in a number of groups on Facebook and is a great example of how NOT to fly your drone.

Ryan Latourette posted the video in the group ‘Newbies to Drones' and said the following:

Here is a visual reminder of why it is imperative that you do not fly your drone beyond visual line of sight and why it is best that you completely steer clear of flying near emergency situations. This was shot last night during the protests in LA. Consider the very serious dangers this drone created.

The helicopters were actually using their rotor wash to force down a drone. Can't blame them..

Fly your drone safely and responsibly

Just to reiterate, when flying a drone you:

  • Stay below 400ft AGL
  • Give way to any manned aircraft
  • Do not fly in the dark or after sunset
  • Keep the drone in line of sight
  • Keep the drone away from any emergency situation and
  • Fly in a safe and responsible manner

Be sure to check out the FAA website for all the drone regulations that apply.

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FTC: DroneXL.co uses affiliate links that generate income.* We do not sell, share, rent out, or spam your email, ever. Our email goes out on weekdays around 5:30 p.m.

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