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Stop the Drone Federalism Bill and Senator Lee in his effort to revive it!

Stop the Drone Federalism Act and Sen. Lee in his effort to revive it!

Act today to stop the revival of Senator Lee’s (R-Utah) Drone Federalism Act, which would allow states and local governments to control the airspace under 200 feet and would require a drone operator to “secure permission from the owner before flying a drone within 200 feet above a private[ly] held property.”

The Drone Federalism Act would turn flying drones for recreation or business into an administrative nightmare and it would open us up to having to pay taxes and take-off/landing fees as was recently proposed by AirMap.

Stop the Drone Federalism Act and Sen. Lee in his effort to revive it!

Back in 2017, Senator Lee introduced the Drone Federalism Act together with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) that would allow states and local governments to “govern drones within a specified zone of authority, the airspace under 200 feet.”

If turned into law, the act would require a drone pilot to “secure permission from the owner before flying a drone within 200 feet above a private[ly] held property.”

You can imagine the additional administrative work that would be involved in securing permission from various property owners just so that you can fly over a certain area for recreational or commercial purposes. Such a scenario would be a nightmare for any hobbyist pilot or drone operator.

One company, AirMap would love for this act to pass as it recently suggested that local governments could use access to their airspace to generate additional revenues by imposing taxes or take-off and landing fees for flying a drone.

Fortunately, the Drone Federalism Act did not make it in 2017, however, we now learn from the Drone Service Providers Alliance (DSPA) that Sen. Lee is trying to revive the act. We cannot allow that to happen!

How to stop the Drone Federalism Act

The Drone Federalism Act and Sen. Lee’s efforts to revive it needs to be stopped in its tracks!

Drone Advisory Committee member and DSPA Vice-President, Vic Moss urges you to “Reach out to your state’s Senator in D.C. Email them, call them, or if you’re close, visit them in D.C. or stop by their local office,” and to do so today since you livelihood or hobby depends on it!

Explain in no uncertain (but diplomatic) terms what this will do to this industry. Tell them to please NOT support this amendment. Ask them to personally approach Senator Lee on the floor of the Senate and tell him to STOP this amendment process. Tell them to kill Lee Amendment 256!!!

Go here, and find out how your state’s U.S. Senator and get busy!!!

Pass this along to EVERY drone owner you know. And to it today!!!!!

Let us know what you think of the Drone Federalism Act in the comments below and be sure to share this article with other drone pilots you know!

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