Robin Radar extends range of drone detection systems with useful software update

The Dutch company Robin Radar Systems has made a software update available that increases the range of the drone detection systems ELVIRA and IRIS by a factor of two. The update is based on the latest developments in machine learning. Depending on the system used, it is now possible to detect unwanted drones up to 2 km away.

Larger detection range

The low-cost drone radar ELVIRA was previously capable of detecting a drone up to a distance of 600 meters. Thanks to the new software update, the range is now 1.2 to 1.5 km. And where the flagship IRIS first detected a DJI Inspire 2 up to 1.4 km away, it is now 2 to 2.2 km, depending on the conditions.

According to Robin Radar, thanks to the upgrade, IRIS is currently the best performing compact 3D drone radar when it comes to remotely classifying drones. The basis of the system is formed by unique patented ‘back to back’ phased array radars, with a detection range of 360º.

The upgrade will also be available to existing users of the systems. In doing so, Robin fulfills the promise of a future-proof system. The machine learning upgrade is a software update that in principle does not require any new hardware. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to install a new video card to run the powerful new software.

4D on-the-move functionality

Simultaneously with the new upgrade, Robin Radar is also announcing 4D on-the-move functionality for the MIL-STD Certified IRIS Drone Detection Radar. This new feature is especially interesting for units and military personnel who have to protect a moving convoy.

Marcel Verdonk, the new CCO of Robin Radar Systems: “We are a new kind of radar company dedicated to tracking birds and drones. We make military technology available to protect critical infrastructures. The upgrade we announced strengthens our role as a technology leader in this area. But the race to build the best radar that detects small objects continues. And we as well.”

Importance of drone detection

Robin Radar emphasizes the increasing importance of drone detection. In the , for example, attempts are regularly made to smuggle telephones and drugs into prisons by means of drones. Very recently this happened in Westzaan prison. Drone detection is a must to effectively combat this.

Robin Radar’s ELVIRA and IRIS systems are able to detect and identify drones by their propellers. In principle, this means that any type of drone can be observed, even if it does not have a radio connection with a pilot on the ground. Worldwide 140 systems of Robin Radar have already been installed.

More information

The machine learning upgrade is available as standard with the purchase of new systems and is available as a free software update to eligible customers. For more information, please contact Robin Radar Systems.

Robin Radar Extends Range Of Drone Detection Systems With Useful Software Update 1

This article first appeared on Dronewatch and is written by Wiebe de Jager who is also a DroneXL contributor.

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