Skydio’s Adam Bry interview about the Skydio Dock and Dock Lite

Skydio just released the Skydio Dock and Dock Lite at a special event in San Francisco. I had the chance to talk to 's CEO and co-founder, Adam Bry, about both new products. Check out the entire interview in the video below.

Skydio's Adam Bry Interview

Skydio's CEO Adam Bry talks about the growth of Skydio in recent years. Starting with the Skydio R1, the , the shift in strategic focus to military and enterprise customers, and now the introduction of the Skydio Dock and the Dock Lite.

One interesting bit of information was when Bry said that Skydio has “hundreds of drones in now.” Of course, we already knew that DJI camera drones are widely used in the -Ukraine conflict but we now have a confirmation from Adam Bry that there are also hundreds of Skydio drones being used.

During the interview, Bry also touched upon the drone regulations that are involved when performing remote operations with the Skydio Dock, and how Skydio helps its customers to get the necessary Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) waivers for remote operations.

Bry also explained how the company is currently performing thousands of autonomous drone flights with the Skydio drones and docks per day.

Skydio Dock video

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this interview with Adam Bry about the SKydio Dock and Dock Lite. Do you share his vision of remote drone operations taking of in the future once the drone regulations catch up with the technology? And do you agree with him that this development will add value to professional drone pilots who have a Part 107 certificate? Share your thoughts with us below. We are curious what you have to say.

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