New DJI RS 3 Mini is the perfect travel gimbal for your mirrorless camera

The new DJI RS 3 Mini is a perfect travel handheld gimbal or stabilizer that is small, light, and affordable. It was made to work with the most popular mirrorless cameras and lenses on the market today. It is being introduced today by DJI, the world's largest camera drone manufacturer.

The DJI RS 3 Mini maintains the excellent stabilization performance of the DJI RS 3 series despite having a smaller and lighter body. This means that users can make professional-quality content while traveling through cities or rural areas. 

In addition, the gimbal has a native horizontal and vertical switching feature, Bluetooth shutter control, a 3rd generation stabilization algorithm, and a 1.4-inch color touchscreen; it weighs less than 800 grams (1.8 pounds); it can carry a weight of up to 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds); and it has a weight capacity of up to 2 kilograms.

“Since the introduction of DJI's Ronin series for cinematography in professional environments, DJI has been working on bringing professional-grade technology to an increasing number of content creators,” said Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager at DJI.

“The DJI RS 3 Mini is a testament to DJI's core value of bringing innovative stabilization technology to everyone with a love of capturing their moments in a photo or on video. Now, anyone with a mirrorless camera can experience the same industry-leading technology used on film sets and studios across the globe.”

New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera

Control the DJI RS 3 Mini with one hand

The RS 3 Mini uses a design that combines multiple functions into a single unit, making it a space-saving and portable option. 

In vertical shooting mode, the RS 3 Mini weighs only 795 grams (1.7 pounds), making it approximately fifty percent lighter than the RS 3 Pro and forty percent lighter than the RS 3. 

Because it is so light, the DJI RS 3 is much easier to move around and can be used with just one hand to get great results. It fits easily in a shoulder bag, and its weight makes it ideal for traveling during longer outdoor shoots.

New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera

A gimbal for every mirrorless camera owner

The RS 3 Mini has the capacity to carry a weight of up to 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds), and it is compatible with a wide variety of mainstream mirrorless camera and lens combinations.

Some examples include:

  • the A7S3 with the 24-70mm F2.8 GM lens,
  • the Canon EOS R5 with the RF 24-70mm F2.8 STM lens,
  • and the Fuji X-H2S with the XF 18-55 mm F2.8-4 lens,
  • for a complete compatibility list, click here.

The captured footage will remain stable even when the zoom is set to its maximum focal length thanks to a powerful motor, which also eliminates the need to continuously rebalance the camera.

New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera

Native vertical shooting with the DJI RS 3 Mini

The RS 3 Mini has a new dual-layered quick-release plate that was made so that it can be used to make vertical videos, which are popular now.

Compared to the traditional vertical mode, the quick-release plate that can be attached to the vertical arm makes it possible to shoot in the vertical orientation without needing additional accessories.

Additionally, the rotation angle of the gimbal is not restricted in this mode. The production of brief video content for social media can be done with relative ease.

Additionally, the RS 3 Mini has an upper plate with a new curved placement guide. This guide prevents the camera from rotating and coming loose over time.

New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera 1

DJI RS 3 Mini has 3rd generation stabilization

The RS 3 Mini is a professional stabilizer that is both lightweight and powerful. It will bring an unrivaled, easy, and flexible shooting experience to users of all levels, whether they are shooting landscapes or streets. This will allow users to achieve both portability and professionalism at the same time.

The RS 3 Mini incorporates the same third-generation stabilization algorithm that can be found in DJI's RS 3 Pro. This allows the RS 3 Mini to deliver exceptional performance regardless of whether the user is running, shooting at a low angle, or using the flashlight mode.

During the entire shooting process, content stability is maintained, and image stabilization at a professional level can be accomplished regardless of the user's level of experience.

The RS 3 Mini makes it easy for users to achieve smooth camera movements even when shooting around human subjects. Users do not need to pay as much attention to footwork and pace because the RS 3 Mini can follow people steadily and switch between high and low angles for a greater variety of shots.

This eliminates the need for users to pay attention to footwork and pace. The dynamic imaging with a rotation of 360 degrees produces striking visual effects and striking footage.

New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera

DJI RS 3 Mini uses Bluetooth

The Wireless Bluetooth Shutter function enables linking with the vast majority of the mainstream mirrorless cameras available on the market today.

After the initial linking, the camera will be automatically prepared for action as soon as it is turned on, and users will be able to directly control the video recording and photo capture functions via the record button on the gimbal. This will allow them to concentrate immediately on shooting instead of fiddling with other settings.

It is no longer necessary to use a camera control cable when utilizing a Sony camera equipped with a digital lens that is supported because users now have the ability to directly control the optical or digital zoom by using the front dial.

New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera

Control at your fingertips

A 1.4-inch full-color touchscreen, an M-mode button to switch between the gimbal's three custom modes, and a front dial for focusing can all be found within easy one-handed reach of each other. This allows for convenient control of the gimbal.

Accessories for the DJI RS 3 Mini

The RS 3 Mini comes equipped with a NATO port on the side of the body, which enables the user to connect a variety of accessories to the camera in order to expand their shooting options. Some examples of these accessories include the DJI Briefcase Handle, external fill lights, and microphones.

Battery life of the DJI RS 3 Mini

The RS 3 Mini has an integrated battery handle that can provide up to 10 hours of charge, which is sufficient for the requirements of a day's shoot. It is possible to charge it while it is in use, and a full charge can be achieved in as little as 2.5 hours.

Ronin App

The Ronin app has a ton of different intelligent shooting functions that users can take advantage of to get the most out of their creations.

  • Time-lapse: Add a timelapse to any video for an engaging opening or breathtaking transition.
  • Track recording: Set the gimbal to move along up to 10 pre-set points for a dynamic video of any scene or environment.
  • Panorama: Enhance the camera's field of vision with a panoramic photo showing the whole scene in front of you.
New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera

DJI RS 3 Mini price and availability

The DJI RS 3 Mini will be available for purchase today from authorized retailers and at at a price of USD $369. Full details can be found at

  • DJI RS 3 Mini is $369
  • DJI RS 3 Mini Quick-Release Plate is $19
  • DJI RS 3 Mini L-Shaped Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C, 30 cm) is $19
New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera 2
New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera 3
New Dji Rs 3 Mini Is The Perfect Travel Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Camera 4

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