Petition for DJI to Update Phantom 4 Pro V2 to be Remote ID Compliant

I spoke with DJI, including with a supervisor in communication with engineering, and was told now that the Phantom 4 Pro V2 would NOT be updated with , despite previous assurances it would be.

The Mavic Pro Platinum, which uses the same OcuSync version and has an approved DOC, so this is clearly possible.

If you are a Phantom 4 Pro V2 user like myself and rely on this drone, please sign this petition and give your feedback.

Of course, we can use Remote ID modules, but they are currently expensive with no guarantee cheaper models will be available before the Remote ID deadline, and some of us fly several, which would make buying modules for each expensive and impractical.

Even if you don't fly a Phantom 4, help me communicate to DJI our displeasure in purposely ignoring updates to this drone just to drive people to their more expensive, less versatile products.

Petition DJI for Phantom 4 Pro V2 update

  • Starting September 16, 2023, all drones flown in the US weighing over 249g or flown for commercial purposes must comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote ID regulations.
  • Many commercial and recreational drone operators fly the highly popular Phantom 4 Pro, with some relying heavily on this drone for their livelihood.
  • DJI has said many times that current drones would be updated to support Remote ID.
  • The Phantom 4 Pro V2 is listed as current on DJI's site, and was sold new as recently as several months ago.
  • DJI has told some customers on multiple occasions the Phantom 4 Pro V2 would be updated with Remote ID.
  • DJI has already updated and achieved compliance (DOC) for an older drone, the Mavic Pro Platinum, which utilizes the same communications protocol and control software as the Phantom 4 Pro V2.
  • DJI now states it will not be bringing this drone into compliance via a despite being completely capable of doing so in an apparent effort to push people to their more expensive, less capable products.
  • This is a petition for DJI to not abandon users of this drone, many of whom have made significant investments in this technology and rely on them for their business.

Click here to sign the petition!

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Dave Ziegler
Dave Ziegler

In addition to being a 107 certified drone service provider, Dave is also a technical writer and trainer with 30 years of IT experience. He is currently most interested in combing information technology and drones, helping small businesses, and promoting sUAS safety as an FAA Safety Team “DronePro” Representative and FAA certified Ground Instructor (AGI).

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