Sky Coppers Show Zooms into High-Tech Drone Policing

Get ready to swap your typical Netflix binge for an adventure in law enforcement like no other. Channel 4 in the UK is taking audiences to new heights with their latest show, “Sky Coppers.” This exciting series follows the drone division of the West Midlands , demonstrating the innovative ways this technology is used in crime fighting.

Drones, or mini-helicopters as they are sometimes referred to, are not only reshaping how police work is conducted but also how it is viewed. “Sky Coppers” enables viewers to embark on virtual patrols, showcasing the myriad ways drones contribute to law enforcement.

As the series unfolds, one cannot help but appreciate the potential of this technology for the US, where drones can be used for a variety of beneficial applications.

In the first episode aired on Tuesday, July 11, the show introduces audiences to an array of law enforcement challenges – from a man skulking around gardens in Birmingham to a suspected dealer hurling wads of cash from an upstairs window. However, a high-speed car chase was the show-stopper.

In a scene straight out of a Bond movie, a car being pursued by police suddenly disappears under a cloud of smoke. The stunned officer, unable to continue, exclaims, “That's really p***** me off.” The innovative evasion technique left audiences astounded.

Sky Coppers Show Zooms Into High-Tech Drone Policing

A Twitter user responded, “Cars with smoke now?? Is this a 007 film?” Another wondered, “Smoke screen! We're entering Spy Hunter C64 days. What next: oil slick?” These reactions highlight the surprising, sometimes baffling, reality of modern-day crime-fighting presented in “Sky Coppers.”

“Sky Coppers” is set to air every Tuesday night from July 11 for six weeks on Channel 4. The entire series is also available for streaming on For those interested in the dynamic interface between technology and policing, this is a must-watch.

Who knows, it may even inspire a similar documentary series on the other side of the pond. In the meantime, all it takes to watch this show is a VPN connection so that you can ‘be' in the UK and opening up a free account with Channel 4. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Channel 4's Sky Coppers.

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  1. Excellent write up on a cool program. Have watched all six episodes, and biggest take away is how many different ways these drone specific teams are able to assist in so many different situations. It also showed, early on, in episode 2, that it’s not completely perfect, as they identify 3 different suspects, all looking similar, and eventually letting one free, having identifying himself via ring camera footage leaving his home. Even as an imperfect system, the use of drones in so many ways can enable not only life saving, but serving communities in staying safer, and that is always a positive thing. Our lawmakers should better understand this as a positive and cost effective tool, as well as a time and LIFE saving piece of equipment, that is an invaluable asset to us all. <3

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