DJI Sets a New Bar in Cinematography with Revolutionary Transmission System

In a significant move for the world of film and videography, DJI recognized globally as a forerunner in civilian drones and camera technology, announced their latest: the DJI Transmission (Standard Combo) coupled with the DJI Video Receiver.

This state-of-the-art wireless transmission system promises to radically redefine how cinematographers work, bringing unprecedented flexibility and capability to their craft.

Two Choices, Boundless Potential

DJI has set a new industry standard, says Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager at DJI, “We are thrilled to introduce the DJI Transmission (Standard Combo). The new combo completes the DJI Transmission system with the new DJI Video Receiver, which was especially designed to be used with production monitors. Linked to the extensive DJI PRO ecosystem, it delivers a more efficient coordinated experience,” said Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager at DJI. With the High-Bright Monitor Combo and Standard Combo, professionals will have real choice depending on shooting scenarios. We are excited to see how filmmakers utilize this cutting-edge technology to bring their visions to life.”

Cinematographers now have two distinct offerings: the High-Bright Monitor Combo and the Standard Combo. While the former combines monitoring, reception, recording, and control in one integrated solution, the latter brings even more to the table. It supports metadata transmissions via SDI, and the output of fractional frame rates, making it especially apt for production monitors.

Dji Sets A New Bar In Cinematography With Revolutionary Transmission System

Innovative Transmission Dynamics

The standout feature of the DJI Transmission (Standard Combo) lies in its support for one transmitter connected to multiple receivers. This feature paves the way for seamless video and audio feeds in two distinct transmission modes. “In Broadcast Mode, an unlimited number of receivers can simultaneously output real-time feeds,” an ideal feature for substantial crews and multi-team setups.

Advanced control isn't left behind. The High-Bright Remote Monitor and the Video Receiver can shift to Control Mode, allowing streamlined integration with devices like DJI Master Wheels. This facilitates remote control over various gadgets and even supports voice calls – a feature invaluable for long-distance communication between cinematographer and director.

Bridging Gaps with Metadata

Furthermore, the DJI Video Receiver facilitates camera metadata transmission via SDI. This compatibility with prominent cinema cameras like ARRI and RED means that directors and other key players can access comprehensive shooting data. Such detailed information optimizes workflow efficiency on set.

High-Bright Remote Monitor: The Game-Changer

DJI's High-Bright Remote Monitor, equipped with an image processing chip similar to the Ronin 4D's, provides a comprehensive suite for control, monitoring, recording, and reception. In collaboration with the DJI Range Finder, the system ensures precise manual focusing with LiDAR waveform technology, fostering integrated focusing and monitoring.

Dji Sets A New Bar In Cinematography With Revolutionary Transmission System

Supplementary Tools and Recording Features

This remote monitor offers an array of essential tools, from zebra stripes and peaking to frame guides and waveform. Its compatibility extends to Ronin 4D Hand Grips and other DJI devices, thereby enhancing gimbal operations and control options.

The Video Receiver isn't left behind, supporting a multitude of connectivity choices, including dual 3G-SDI Output Ports and an HDMI 1.4 Type-A Output Port.

Pricing and Purchasing Information

The newly launched DJI Transmission (Standard Combo) is priced at $2,499 and includes the DJI Video Transmitter, Video Receiver, and a slew of other tools and accessories. On the other hand, the DJI Video Receiver on its own can be purchased for $1,699. For existing users of the DJI Transmission (High-Bright Monitor Combo), a firmware upgrade is essential before integrating with the new DJI Video Receiver and DJI Transmission (Standard Combo).

Dji Sets A New Bar In Cinematography With Revolutionary Transmission System 1

Those keen on exploring the complete array of features, accessories, and possibilities should head over to DJI's official transmission page.

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