DJI’s Next Sensation? Rumored DJI Mini 4 Drone Sparks Excitement

Today, a buzz swept through the drone community. A video surfaced on Twitter, allegedly showcasing DJI's upcoming Mini 4 drone.

The clip, shared by long-time DJI leaker Igor Bogdanov, a.k.a. Quadro_News, hints at the latest successor in DJI's mini drone lineup.

The footage features what appears to be a DJI employee maneuvering the drone with a laptop and charging cord nearby.

At first glance, the rumored DJI Mini 4 bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the .

The overall appearance of the rumored DJI Mini 4 does not seem to be very different from the current model, as the video suggests.

However, insiders anticipate significant internal enhancements such as improved flight duration, superior obstacle evasion, and advanced photo and video capabilities.

There's also a chance the Mini 4 might incorporate DJI's newest transmission technology, OcuSync 4 or 04, initially unveiled with the .

Given that the DJI Mini 3 Pro graced the market just last summer, the potential launch of the Mini 4 this year would mark a rapid evolution for the series. However, we had seen this before when DJI launched the DJI Mavic Mini in 2018 and, one year later, the .

Drone enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled this summer or early fall! Let us know what features and improvements you would like to see for the DJI Mini 4 in the comments below.

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Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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  1. DJI Mini 4 Pro should have the same upgraded sensor as the Air 3, O4 transmission, omni avoidance, controller with microphone or mic input, maybe better battery, maybe waypoints, and of course still stay under 250 grams

      • The drone needs camera that can see in Walter so that fishermen can also use to pin point where the shoal of fish is.

    • Being a photography drone, I would first most expect DJI to introduce an enhanced camera system. Judging by the “leaked” photo, it seemes DJI equipped the Mini 4 (pro?) with the same sensor size as the Mini 3 Pro, but potentially sporting the Air 3 stacked sensor technology. It might also be safe to assume it will retain its ability to rotate for true vertical orientation. Other than that, O4 will probably also be incorporated, but I will be surprised if an omnidirectional OA will included. As for flight time: The mini 3 pro already hits the 40 minutes mark, and who wants to fly their drone for hours…

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