DJI’s New Venture: FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone

DJI, a tech giant traditionally known for aerial surveillance drones, has marked its official entry into the delivery and logistics market. The -based company announced the launch of the FlyCart 30, its pioneering carrier drone. This drone is not just another addition to the drone market but signifies a revolutionary step in the realm of drone-based delivery systems.

DJI FlyCart 30 Specifications and Features

The FlyCart 30 is designed with a 4-axis, 8-propeller multi-rotor setup. When operated in dual battery mode, it can transport a load of up to 66 pounds over a distance of 10 miles. Interestingly, by using just one battery, the drone's payload capacity surges to 88 pounds. However, DJI recommends the use of dual batteries, emphasizing their role as a backup. Should one battery malfunction during a delivery, the other would ensure the drone's safe return.

Safety is paramount for DJI. The FlyCart 30 boasts features like intelligent obstacle avoidance, dual radar, and an ADS-B signal receiver. In case of severe malfunctions, a built-in parachute system ensures a controlled descent. Moreover, operators can predetermine multiple safe landing locations for emergency situations.

Weather challenges are no match for this drone. It possesses IP55 weather protection and can withstand wind speeds up to 12m/s. In optimal conditions, the drone can achieve a top speed of 20m/s, remain airborne for 18 minutes, and reach an impressive altitude of 6,000 meters. Furthermore, the FlyCart 30 utilizes DJI's O3 video transmission system, ensuring a strong signal up to 12.5 miles away, even facilitating operations beyond the operator's visual line of sight.

Dji'S New Venture: Flycart 30 Delivery Drone 1

Recognizing the varying transportation needs across terrains, DJI equipped the drone with a 4G cellular dongle to combat signal disruptions. Additionally, the FlyCart 30 introduces a dual control mechanism, allowing two pilots to seamlessly switch control, ensuring efficient deliveries even in areas with signal challenges.

Innovative Delivery Modes

DJI's FlyCart 30 supports two delivery methods:

  1. Container Load Method: This utilizes standard-sized EPP containers common in returnable packaging and the automotive sector. The cargo box's design allows for swift assembly and disassembly (around three minutes), expediting the loading and unloading process.
  2. Empty Crane Method: For locations where drone landings may be hazardous, this winch-based delivery system comes into play. Supporting both automatic and manual controls, the drone can lower deliveries from a height using a cable drop system. The cable's maximum length stands at 20 meters and can retract at a speed of 0.8 m/s. Furthermore, an intelligent anti-sway feature is integrated to prevent cargo movement during transit, ensuring stability. Once the cargo touches down, it's automatically released.

DJI FlyCart 30 Pricing and Availability

The FlyCart 30 drone is priced at $17,000 in China. The standard purchase includes the drone, a DJI RC Plus remote controller, two Intelligent Flight Batteries, and requisite charging equipment. Moreover, DJI introduced the DJI Transport cloud platform to streamline flight planning and manage multiple drones.

While the FlyCart 30 is initially available only in China, DJI hints at a broader release in the future. Given DJI's reputation and the drone's promising features, it's anticipated to make waves in the global market.

DroneXL's take

Drones, once predominantly used for surveillance or recreational purposes, are rapidly transforming industries. With drones like the , tasks such as delivering medicines in remote areas become more feasible. Companies like , , and Wing are already exploring such opportunities in around the world.

In summary, DJI's FlyCart 30 is not just a drone; it's a glimpse into the future of deliveries. Its blend of safety features, payload capacity, and innovative delivery methods positions it as a potential game-changer in the delivery drone market. As with many of DJI's products, a blend of innovation and functionality is at its core.

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