Pilot Institute Calls for Delay in Drone Remote ID Enforcement

The is buzzing with discussions about the upcoming Remote ID deadline set for September 16. Many in the community feel there's insufficient time for everyone to comply. Among these voices, the Pilot Institute, a significant player and neutral industry observer, has conducted a comprehensive survey on the community's readiness for the looming deadline.


Some from the in Las Vegas, coming straight from David Boulter, Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety: “We expect to address the question of relief for operators in the coming days.”

Update from Greg Reverdiau on 9/6/23

Remote ID Readiness Survey Findings

Greg Reverdiau, Co-Founder of the , emphasizes their unique position in the industry. They sent a poll out to their customers and asked our industry connections and community groups to help share the survey.


From the 2,081 responses collected, the results indicate a community partially unprepared for the Remote ID requirements:

  • 49% stated they already have a drone equipped with Standard Remote ID.
  • 51% revealed a need for at least one Remote ID module.
  • 10% said they'd rely on flying a sub-0.55 lbs drone under the recreational exemption.
  • 5% would operate only at an FAA Recognized Identification Area (FRIA).

“The reasons for my request to delay Remote ID enforcement are as follows,” states Reverdiau, pointing to concerns like the fact that “27% of the entire flying population” will be forced into non-compliance due to module unavailability.

Reverdiau also notes that “23% reported that modules are currently back-ordered,” and “19% said their drones will be compliant in early December via a , which was announced by DJI late last week.”

Furthermore, affordability is a concern. “Of the 51% who reported needing a Remote ID module, more than half (42%) said they have not ordered yet because the pricing is a concern,” Reverdiau says.

WATCH: FTCA Update – FRIA's Being Denied

Broader Implications

Given the tight deadline and the challenges in acquiring modules, many operators may choose not to comply or will be unable to. According to their findings, “43% of operators will be forced into non-compliance in 2 weeks, or simply refuse to comply.”

Call to Action

Considering the obstacles, Reverdiau respectfully urges a delay in enforcement, comparing the situation to the FAA's decision last year to postpone enforcement for drone manufacturers.

“As an FAA Industry Partner with a clear pulse on the current situation,” he writes, “I humbly request that you delay Remote ID enforcement for drone operators from September 16, 2023, to March 2024 or later.”

With the current state of the drone community concerning Remote ID readiness, a delay in enforcement might prove beneficial, ensuring a smooth transition and greater compliance.

The Pilot Institute's research paints a clear picture: more time is needed for operators to prepare. It remains to be seen how the FAA will respond to these concerns.

For more detailed findings, you can refer to the original letter and attached graphs below.

Pilot Institute Calls For Delay In Drone Remote Id Enforcement
Pilot Institute Calls For Delay In Drone Remote Id Enforcement
Pilot Institute Calls For Delay In Drone Remote Id Enforcement
Pilot Institute Calls For Delay In Drone Remote Id Enforcement

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