DJI Avinox: Is DJI Ushering in a New Era of Drone Innovation?

DJI Avinox discovery from the Chinese Trademark Database and the Experts at DroneNR

Drones have revolutionized the skies, and DJI has been at the forefront of this evolution. Fresh from the trails of their DJI Mini 4 Pro, rumors have sprung up about a mysterious new product from DJI – the DJI Avinox. And alongside this revelation? The possible release of a brand-new pair of FPV Goggles. If you're a drone enthusiast or just curious about the next big thing in tech, strap in!

A Deep Dive Into DJI's Secrets

While most of us were still ogling the Mini 4 Pro, the sharp-eyed team from DroneNR in Australia uncovered the name “DJI Avinox” in the Chinese Trademark Database. This discovery wasn't just coincidental; it emerged during an in-depth search for the Mini 4 Pro's details.

But the revelations don't stop there.

DJI Goggles: The Next Big Thing?
DJI appears to be developing a new pair of FPV Goggles. Code-named zv902, this product could be a successor to the DJI Goggles 2 (zv900) and DJI Goggles Integra (zv901). Given DJI's pattern, we might be looking at a launch for the “DJI Goggles X.”

Unraveling the Mystery of the DJI Avinox

While Goggles X seems promising, the true enigma is the DJI Avinox. Speculation runs wild on which drone this will be, especially with its code wa520. This new code diverges from DJI's usual sequencing, hinting at either a fresh product line or a significant shakeup.

Here's a fascinating fact: DJI's previous consumer drones employed the “wmXXX” coding. The introduction of “waXXX” came with the Air 3. And the Mavic 3 series? It's labeled as wm260, so the “520” in DJI Avinox's code remains an intriguing outlier.

The question buzzing in everyone's mind: Is DJI crafting a non-Pro version for post- Pro release? It seems unlikely, but with DJI, one never knows.

What's in a Name? The “Avinox” Enigma

Deep in 's trademark registry, a fresh DJI trademark submission emerges: Avinox. Submitted just last month, this trademark remains under review. But here's the kicker: DJI's classification for Avinox spans a wide array, from drones to mobile home components to even electric bicycles.

Could DJI be branching out? Is Avinox heralding a groundbreaking drone line, an innovative FPV air unit, or perhaps even a leap into the automotive domain? Time will tell.

A Glimpse into the Future

DJI has always been a beacon of innovation. The discovery of the DJI Avinox and the potential unveiling of a new pair of goggles have sent ripples of excitement through the drone community. Whether it's a next-gen drone or an entry into the world of electric vehicles, one thing is certain: DJI's future is bright and filled with promise.

So, what are your predictions for the DJI Avinox? Drop your thoughts below, and let's dive into this thrilling mystery together!

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