Good day, folks! Shawn here from Air Photography. Today, I bring exciting to drone enthusiasts, especially those of you who own or are interested in DJI's products. DJI, already a leading name in the , has launched the impressive DJI Mini 4 Pro. But that's not the sole highlight! Alongside this launch, they've rolled out a substantial for the DJI Air 3. Let's dive deep and uncover what this update means for users.

DJI Air 3 firmware update

Jumping straight to the core changes, the Air 3's aircraft firmware now stands updated to version 0600. What does this mean for users? For starters, this upgrade supports capturing 48-megapixel photos when utilizing AEB and burst shooting modes. The clarity and detail are going to be impressive.

Dji Air 3 Firmware Update 0600
Firmware update 0600

Even more intriguing, DJI has integrated new Augmented Reality (AR) features, ones we initially saw on the Mavic 3 and, more recently, on the freshly launched Mini 4 Pro. These features include an “AR return to home route,” an “AR home point,” and an “AR Aircraft Shadow.”

Speaking from experience, I was honestly surprised they hadn't incorporated these features into the Air 3 earlier. Let me delve a bit deeper into these AR features. When you're about to land and angle your camera downwards, the drone projects a “shadow” on the ground, indicating exactly where it'll touch down. As someone who's had to navigate tight spots, this is a godsend.

Picture this: you're landing amidst obstacles or aiming for a precise spot, this feature will show where your drone will land. Another AR enhancement offers a visual route that the drone would take if it were returning to its take-off point. It's handy for spotting any potential obstacles.

However, my personal favorite? The Virtual Home Point. Introduced first with DJI FPV and the Avata, this feature is invaluable when you lose orientation. Just swivel your drone around until the virtual home point comes into view, and voila, you know exactly where to head.

Dji Virtual Home Point On The Dji Air 3
DJI Virtual Home Point on the DJI Air 3

But there's more! One of the standout upgrades that's bound to make waves is the Air 3's support for DJI Goggles 2, Goggles Integra, DJI RC Motion 2, and the DJI RC2 controller. And guess what? If you get the Mini 4 Pro, the DJI RC2 controller you own for the Air 3 will be fully compatible. This means one controller can operate both drones. It's all about convenience!

For those, like me, who occasionally fly their drones using goggles for that immersive experience, this is big news. However, a quick heads up! You'll need to refresh the firmware on both your motion controller and goggles, be it the Goggles Integra or Goggles 2. You can achieve this by hooking it up to a PC using or simply using the on your mobile.

Dji Air 3 Firmware Update
DJI Air 3 Firmware Update

In wrapping up, I want to drop a quick hint regarding the Mini 4 Pro. Though there's no official word yet, I'm placing my bets that it'll support the goggles down the line, given the recent developments with the DJI Air 3.

As always, keep those propellers spinning and eyes on the sky. Thanks for tuning in. If you found value in this update, a thumbs up is always appreciated. Until next time!

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  1. So can you combine the following Air3, Goggles and RC2? Also can you combine the following Mini 4 Pro, Goggles and RC2? I really don’t want anything to do with that motion controller

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