DJI Announces C1-Retrofit Update for DJI Air 2S Drone

Enhanced Capabilities for DJI Air 2S Owners in Europe

DJI is set to release a C1-retrofit update for its DJI Air 2S model, as revealed in a recent infographic shared on social media. The Air 2S, originally launched in April 2021 and renowned for its superior 1″ sensor, will soon receive an update that allows owners to modify their drones to comply with C1 specifications. This upgrade, available from the end of January, enables the use of the in the Open subcategory A1.

Check out this video from Stephen Sutton from the Flyby Guys for the latest info!

C1-Retrofit: A Game Changer for Drone Operations

The DJI Air 2S, the third drone in the DJI Air series, stands out with its 1” sensor offering 5.4K resolution, capturing exceptionally sharp images. Popular among hobbyists and professional drone pilots for its versatility, user-friendliness, and image quality, the Air 2S was initially thought to be excluded from further updates, limiting its operation to the Open subcategory A3 after January 1, 2024. However, DJI's announcement of the retrofit update ensures the Air 2S's eligibility for the C1 label.

Expanding Flight Opportunities

With the C1 classification, DJI Air 2S owners will soon be able to fly their drones in the Open subcategory A1. This significantly broadens operational possibilities, allowing drones with a C1 label to fly near people and buildings. However, as the Air 2S weighs over 250 grams, pilots must avoid flying over people and must possess a basic A1/A3 theory certificate.

Update Procedure and Compliance

DJI will disclose the update procedure by the end of January, enabling users to upgrade their devices to meet current regulations. After completing the retrofit, it is crucial for users to enter their operator number to comply with the requirement for drones over 250 grams in Open subcategories A1 and A2.

DJI's Continued Commitment to Compliance

Previously, DJI also released a C1-retrofit update for the Mavic 3 / Mavic 3 Cine. The successor to the Air 2S, the , comes factory-equipped with a C1 label, showcasing DJI's ongoing commitment to aligning their products with evolving drone regulations and safety standards.

Dji Announces C1-Retrofit Update For Dji Air 2S Drone 1
Dji Announces C1-Retrofit Update For Dji Air 2S Drone 2
Dji Announces C1-Retrofit Update For Dji Air 2S Drone 3

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