Wingcopter’s Drone Delivery Expands to Medicines in Michelstadt

A Leap Forward in Local Supply

Residents of Michelstadt, served by the Wingcopter's LieferMichel pilot project, have started the year with a promising development in drone delivery services. The project, initially focused on small errands, has now expanded to include the delivery of non-prescription medicines, marking a significant step forward in improving local supply options, especially in rural areas.

Project Extension and Objectives

The extension of the LieferMichel project until the end of March is pivotal. It allows the exploration of safe drone flight operations in unrestricted airspace, even during winter, and helps analyze the demand for delivery services in rural settings. This extended period is crucial for assessing the project's viability and impact.

Wingcopter's Drone Delivery Expands To Medicines In Michelstadt

Collaboration with Local Businesses

The local Bären-Apotheke pharmacy has joined the LieferMichel platform, responding to a high demand from residents for easy access to non-prescription medicines. This addition complements the existing range of goods from the local REWE center and other local providers like Odenwaldbox and SV Darmstadt 98, enriching the diversity of products available for drone delivery.

A Pharmacy's Perspective

Frank Buffleb, the owner of Bären Apotheke, emphasized the importance of this service in rural areas where access to medication can be challenging. The project offers an opportunity to experience the benefits of drone-based deliveries firsthand, especially for individuals who find it difficult to travel long distances due to illness.

Wingcopter's Vision and Experience

Ansgar Kadura, Co-Founder and Chief Services Officer of Wingcopter, highlighted that delivering medicines is a core part of their mission. Having previously focused on delivering medicines to hospitals and collecting laboratory samples, this project marks their first foray into direct-to-consumer deliveries. It stands as an exciting and crucial learning experience, signaling a new milestone in drone delivery services.

Academic Endorsement

Prof. Dr. Kai-Oliver Schocke from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, a partner in the LieferMichel project, noted the expansion of services to include medical supplies as a testament to the project's attractiveness and the existing demand for such innovative services.

A Step Towards Future Drone Delivery

The LieferMichel project, funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and executed in collaboration with the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, is a pilot initiative under the “Innovative Air Mobility” funding directive. It represents a significant step towards enhancing local supply chains and introducing a new era of mobility, particularly in rural areas.

The integration of non-prescription medicines into drone delivery services not only meets the immediate needs of the residents but also paves the way for broader applications of in everyday life.

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