Ukraine’s Drone Warriors: Decimating Russian Armor in a Single Raid

The Tide of Battle in Avdiivka

In the war-torn landscapes of Eastern , particularly around Avdiivka, a fierce battle of attrition rages. Ukrainian forces, utilizing a strategy of mobile defense, have inflicted heavy losses on Russian armies. Statistics reportedly reveal a staggering toll on the Russian side, with an average loss of 19 tanks and other heavy weapons daily in the first 700 days of the conflict. However, these numbers represent more than mere statistics; they signify the culmination of Ukrainian skill, strategy, and sacrifice.

A Devastating Strike by Ukrainian Drone Operators

A Ukrainian drone operator known as “Kriegsforscher” on social media recounted a December skirmish that epitomizes the Ukrainian tactical prowess. In this engagement, Russian forces, possibly from the 35th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade, pushed toward Avdiivka but suffered significant losses. The advance resulted in the loss of nine tanks, twelve fighting vehicles, and numerous casualties, demonstrating the effectiveness of Ukrainian defense strategies.

Ukraine's Drone Warriors: Decimating Russian Armor In A Single Raid 2

Collision and Catastrophe

The assault was marked by a striking incident where two Russian tanks collided head-on, a moment Kriegsforscher wryly commented on, “Call 9-1-1, we have a tank accident.” This moment encapsulates the disarray and misfortune that characterized the Russian assault.

The Composition of Russian Forces

The Russian assault group comprised a mix of equipment, ranging from vintage to modern: T-62M tanks from the 1960s, T-80BVs, T-72B3Ms, BMP-1s and BMP-2s, MT-LB armored tractors, and a rare BAT-2 engineering vehicle. However, the age of the equipment proved irrelevant against the Ukrainian tactics.

The Ukrainian Approach

Ukrainian forces employed a combination of explosive first-person-view drones and artillery. This approach not only destroyed the vehicles but also forced surviving crews to abandon them, after which additional drones would target the unmanned vehicles. Remarkably, Russian radio-jammers, if present, were ineffective against the Ukrainian drones.

Strategic Destruction

Kriegsforscher emphasized the importance of targeting specific areas of the armor, preventing engineers from recovering and repairing damaged vehicles. This tactic was evident when an MT-LB was hit by an artillery shell, leaving a crater that later entrapped a Russian BMP-2.

The Aftermath: A Company Annihilated

The result of this encounter was the near-total annihilation of an entire Russian mechanized company. This loss, though shocking, is part of a larger pattern of heavy Russian equipment losses in the region.

A Symbol of Ukrainian Resilience and Strategy

The story of Kriegsforscher and the Ukrainian drone operators is more than a tale of military engagement; it symbolizes the resilience, ingenuity, and tactical acumen of Ukrainian forces. In the face of overwhelming challenges, they have managed to leverage technology and strategy to significant effect, changing the dynamics of the battlefield and underscoring the potency of asymmetric warfare tactics.

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